Am I going Blind?

The querent asks if he is “going blind”, meaning will he eventually go blind, are his eye “episodes” harbingers of real vision problems. Querent is Type II diabetic, with only moderately well-controlled blood sugar, so this is why he’s concerned.


In charts about the health of the eyes fixed stars usually play a significant role; this chart is no exception.

The Sun, natural ruler of the eyes, and specifcally the right eye in men, is on the star Copula. Venus is on the star Foramen. Both stars indicate affliction to vision. So, yes, his eyesight is afflicted. Yes, the problem is real enough. End of judgement… not quite.

Both the Sun and the Moon’s antiscion (the left eye in men) are on the 12th cusp: not taking care of himself (self-undoing) is contributing to his eyes being afflicted. This is corroborated with the querent’s own statement about diabetes being “moderately controlled”. “Moderately controlled” translates as: blood glucose above normal, therefore harmful.

The South Node is on the ascendant by antiscion. Indicating something being decreasesed/restricted. What is the context? Vision. He is going to lose some of the vision. The Moon is applying to trine Saturn. Same testimony.

Venus is also on the “happy” star Spica. So, a minor indication that he is probably not going to go completely blind.

Bottom line: he needs care. Things will not get better by themselves. Both the context and the chart tell us that the opposite is the case: blood sugar out of control causes loss of vision. The next major change for the Sun is to move into its fall in Libra. We have multiple testimonies showing loss of vision.


Venus in its own sign is descriptive, driving the point of diabetes to the center of the situation. Venus in libra in a diabetes chart does not indicate good health. A diabetic is not in good health. If they are able to control sugar levels then they can be in better, near normal, health.

If the question were: Am I sweet? And we find the significator being Venus in its sign or exaltation the answer would be “yes, very sweet indeed”. We have a “very sweet” querent, that is a querent with above normal levels of blood sugar thus: eye problems.

Jupiter, the natural ruler of blood is in the sign of Venus in house 12. Translation: “sweet blood” — above normal blood sugar levels, due to self-undoing.

Venus is applying to sextile Mars. Rather often the treatment of eye problems due to diabetes consists of injections, laser or surgery. All of which are signified by Mars. It is quite possible that that is where the querent is going if he does not control his diet, take medicines or exercise properly.

Venus opposing Uranus and the Moon trining Saturn on Antares hints at the need to, or prospect of, letting go of something. If I had to guess, Saturn is L5, pleasure which Venus, the querent, exalts! The pleasure of high-carb food for example or any other pleasure which, by excess, takes us to house 12. This is not imagination, this is the predicament of diabetics. Very hard to let go of nice food, thus complications from diabetes arising, which this chart eloquently demonstrates.

So, the question is about the eyes. However by understanding the context the astrologer may be able to deliver a more complete, and therefore more useful, message.

The recommendation is to visit his doctor who will tell at what stage of affliction he is and how to proceed with treatment.

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