Medical Horary Charts

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Here are examples of medical horary charts cast to answer medical or health related questions.

Is Trump on meds?

A journalist made a remark that Trump was totally pissed and was strongly expressing his anger one moment and a couple of hours later he was calm and sweet like a child with a lollypop. He wondered if Trump was taking any mood supressant medication.

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Why am I so sick?

Querent has severe digestive problems and cannot digest many different types of food, causing severe allergic/immune reactions of various kinds.

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Am I going Blind?

The querent asks if he is “going blind”, meaning will he eventually go blind, are his eye “episodes” harbingers of real vision problems. Querent is Type II diabetic, with only moderately well-controlled blood sugar, so this is why he’s concerned. In charts about the health of the eyes fixed stars usually play a significant role; […]

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Cause of Death – Prince

Another great artist gone this month… 🙁 The chart could hardly be more eloquent. Prince is not personally connected to the querent therefore he is L7. Mars is aptly on Antares for someone who just passed away. What planet has power over Prince and his death? Mars is in Saggitarius so, its dispositor, Jupiter. Jupiter […]

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Cause of Death

Here are two examples demonstrating how a suicide may appear in horary.

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Bruce Dickingson's Health

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickingson’s Health

I wish I could bring a chart to heavy rock fans in a happier circumstance. But here is a chart about Iron Maiden’s vocalist Bruce Dickingson who has been battling tongue cancer. The question is about his prognosis. Will he recover?   The question was asked by a fan therefore Bruce is L7, Venus. Venus […]

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Uncovering medical misdiagnosis

Here is a good example of how a medical horary can spot a bad doctor and steer the self-healer in the right direction.

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Is my insulin working?

The querent is type 1 diabetic and suspects her insulin has gone bad.

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