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Charts on various subjects not necessarily related to medical matters.

The Health of a Nation and its People – OUTCOME

This article will be devoted to reporting the outcome of Trump’s Government Horary interpreted some time ago. Read it first, then come back here to read about the outcome otherwise this will make not much sense.

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A Mild Infection

As a member of a discussion group I received two spam email messages, and two corresponding spam posts appeared in the forum. They were advertising some online pharmacy. So, I cast a chart asking to explaing how this was happening. How was the spam getting into the forum? I knew it came through one of […]

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Horary mystery!

The question was: “will I meet someone (a love partner) next month?”

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Dispositor Logic

The chart below is not associated with any question. It has been cast solely to represent a planetary configuration with the purpose of demostrating a traditional astrology technical point. In a discussion forum a fellow astrologer made the following statement: “The Sun has power over Mars due to the Sun being in Mars’ sign.” I […]

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The Health of a Nation and its People

An American asks the question: what can we expect from the new USA presidency? This is a genuine but very general question. By adhering to basic horay principles we can produce an adequate general answer. What are the primary significators? The presidency: L10, Venus. The nation as a whole (here): L1, Jupiter. The people of […]

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Presidential election prediction

Nothing to do with medical astrology, except that the health of the country is at stake. Question by an American non-Democrat non-Republican: Who will win the USA presidency in the 2016 election? Democrats or Republicans? SIGNIFICATORS Democrats, the incumbent party, is the Sun, L10. The opponent party/challenging party: Saturn, L4. The Moon, the electorate. INTERPRETATION The […]

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Is the government monitoring our communications?

I had already heard about the USA government having buildings filled with telecommunications apparatus whose function was to listen in to all telephone calls within and out of the country. This was back in 1990; a friend who worked in such a facility told me so. Recently I came across the bit of information that […]

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Will Chavez run? If so, will he win?

A horary on the outcome of a presidential election. Hugo Chavez is the Venezuelan’s president. He has cancer and he does not know whether he will be in good enough health to run for the presidency. SIGNIFICATORS The querent is not Venezuelan or lives in Venezuela so Hugo Chavez is the “president of a foreign country” […]

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Will Obamacare be considered unconstitutional?

A horary about the passing of high level legislature asked in 2011 when the law was sent to the USA supreme court by the Republican party for assessment. SIGNIFICATORS The querent is intensely emotional about the situation and dislikes the new law and dislikes Obama, and sides with the plaintiff so I read this as […]

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