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A collection of texts on Western Traditional Astrology.

Good intention, bad knowledge.

This article is overdue. I have seen a certain problem numerous times over the years. And recently it happened again that a client contacted me telling me that some astrologer gave her a diagnosis and treatment based on her birth chart temperament.

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Astrology, Myths and Theology

Something that seems pertinent is an emphasis on the theology and mythology of the planets, signs, and astrology in general. Do you have any guidance on where I could begin reading about those topics? This knowledge seems essential to truly understanding charts and consistently making sound judgments.

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A Short Astrology Lesson

QUESTION: Im a newbie. Im pregnant and due close to my birthday, April 5th. I am due March 23. Saturn is square my/our sun sign at that time. I do believe Saturn is Retrograde as well, which it is also in my chart. I will be turning 35 April 5, so Im a bit nervous about all of […]

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Horary mystery!

The question was: “will I meet someone (a love partner) next month?”

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Saturn, Mars and Free-Will

This is an excerpt from an exchange I had with a fellow astrologer on the essence of Saturn and Mars. Mr. X: On the presidency prognosis chart you equated limitations to the people of the USA with a Saturnine influnce, correct? Can you exemplify? FO: Yes; along with a Martial influence. Take the example of […]

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Dispositor Logic

The chart below is not associated with any question. It has been cast solely to represent a planetary configuration with the purpose of demostrating a traditional astrology technical point. In a discussion forum a fellow astrologer made the following statement: “The Sun has power over Mars due to the Sun being in Mars’ sign.” I […]

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The Horary Textbook – A Partial Review

I’d like to take the opportunity of the recent publishing of John Frawley’s “The Horary Textbook Revised Edition” to offer some thoughts  on some points raised which are of interest to me personally. Here we go. “JF states: there is never, ever in either horary or Natal astrology a direct connection between Fortuna and material fortune.” […]

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