Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickingson’s Health

I wish I could bring a chart to heavy rock fans in a happier circumstance. But here is a chart about Iron Maiden’s vocalist Bruce Dickingson who has been battling tongue cancer. The question is about his prognosis. Will he recover?

Bruce Dickingson's Health

Bruce Dickingson’s Health


The question was asked by a fan therefore Bruce is L7, Venus. Venus is dignified by exaltation located at 29 degrees of Pisces. It is about to enter Aries and not only lose its dignity but enter its detriment. That answers the question: he is not going to get better, quite the opposite.

Look at Fortuna, showing the core of the question. It is located in the sign of the 8th house from the 7th, that is, Bruce Dickingson’s death. This has no predictive value; I point it out only to demonstrate what kind of “background” role Fortuna has in horary.

However soon after leaving Pisces Venus conjoins Mars, the turned L8 of death. He will likely succumb and perish to this illness. In fact, since Mars is at zero degrees of Aries, we can consider that the Moon translates light from Venus to Mars before then.

Let’s get the rest of the picture.

Venus in Pisces is disposited by Jupiter so we look at Jupiter as the cause of his illness in order to get a full picture of what is happening. Jupiter as the cause is apt since cancer is a “growth”. His treatment is Saturn, turned L10 from the 7th. That is not good, Saturn in Sagittarius shows us the treatment is under the power of Jupiter.

Saturn is in no dignity of Venus so the treatment has no positive impact on his health whatsoever. Jupiter is angular and in negative reception towards Saturn: the illness is much stronger than the treatment and the negative reception further denotes an antagonistic force to the treatment.

Mercury is in its triplicity right on the turned 10th cusp; that is a positive influence on the treatment. What is Mercury? It is the ruler of his turned 5th house: likely, his liver. He has a good liver on his side. However, Saturn, the treatment, is in negative reception towards Mercury. As is common in cancer conditions the orthodox modern oncological treatment harms his liver. Mercury is on the turned 8th house cusp by antiscion connecting liver with his possible death. As is common in cancer conditions a liver which becomes damaged hinders recovery and eventually leads to death. We have a clue as to the centerpiece of his non-recovery.

Finally, as every medical horary must, the symptoms are shown in the chart. The second cusp is also ruled by Venus showing a sick tongue, and Algol is on his second cusp again showing affliction to the tongue.

The news from his doctors is that he will make a full recovery and that the treatment went exceedingly well. I hope I am wrong and they are right…

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