Is Trump on meds?

A journalist made a remark that Trump was very angry and was strongly expressing his anger one moment and a couple of hours later he was calm and sweet, like a child with a lollypop. He wondered if Trump was taking any mood supressant medication.

So, I though, yes, I’d like to know if the president of my country is on meds.

Is Trump on mood supressing medication?

Trump: L10, Jupiter
Medications: turned 10 from the 10th. Aptly it is Saturn, the natural ruler of supressants.

Saturn and Jupiter are in positive mutual reception. So, they are connected.

Saturn is conjunct the star Acumen: hidden.

Saturn is on the turned 10th cusp by antiscion: hidden in its house.

Jupiter is on the 10th cusp by anticion: hidden in its house.

Jupiter is on Neptune by antiscion: hidden, hiding.

Why taking meds?

Because he cannot handle the discomfort or pain, as anyone who takes such medications does. Look at Venus, his dispositor, in detriment in his house. Not fun and fiery indeed, as in: anger.

This looks like “Yes” to me. And very likely people will never know about it.

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