2020 Presidential Election Prediction

Here we have two charts for similar questions by two astrologers who cast the charts at different locations and times. Both charts show the same answer.

CHART 1: Will the president fall?

The nodes are a really important testimony. They answer the question practically on their own.

I take the Moon as L10 here, not the electorate, because the president is the quesited.

We have two opponents approaching one another from opposite points. This could not be a better symbol for two political candidates on the stage we have right now.

Accidental dignity holds the answer.

In addition to the nodes favoring the president we have: Saturn on Pluto. Bad affliction — brings Saturn down. Jupiter in fall. Both in house 4.

Mars is peregrine on the 4th cusp and the South Node by antiscion. Further affliction.

So house 4 gets the short end of the stick here. Biden loses. Trump does not fall and stays president.

How will he win?

Let’s look closely at the context and Jupiter.

Jupiter is L6. The pandemic is an asset to the president and an affliction to the opposition because the president can do as he pleases to favor himself using the resources of the country while dealing with the pandemic, specially the media. It is free campaigning.

Jupiter rules the Moon by exaltation, so the president depends on Jupiter. Jupiter is a benefic for the president because it afflicts house 4. It is a malefic for the opponent.

We can also look at the Moon Jupiter separating opposition as a past event where Jupiter had power over the Moon by exaltation with negative reception. That did not topple him. What could that be?

It could be the recent impeachment process. If that did not remove him from office then the opposition with Saturn will not either, as Saturn has no power of disposition over the Moon. Another strong testimony in favor of Trump.

Venus describes the picture further. This chart was cast days before it was declared this was a Pandemic. So Venus, L1, leaves its exaltation and enters its detriment. Who here has not felt that shift one day to the next around Feb-March 2020?

Mercury aspects the 4th and 10th cusps. Imparting that peculiar vibe of debilitated Mercury to both candidates. Such as lying, boisterous claims and verbal attacks so common among politicians.

CHART 2: Will the democrats beat Trump?

Trump is Mars, accidentally strongly positioned inside the 6th cusp, the house of its joy.

Biden, Venus, is about to fall from its exaltation into its detriment. Biden believes himself to be a wonderful candidate. Venus is conjunct the fixed star Scheat. From the myth of Pegasus: Being weary of earthly affairs Bellerophon attempted to fly to heaven but fell off…

Again, as in chart #1 above, on the basis of accidental dignity alone here Biden loses and Trump wins. Plus Venus’ upcoming loss of dignity. Question answered.

But there are some very interesting details in this chart:

Mars is separating from the Arabic Part of Dismissal and Resignation and the South Node’s antiscion pointing at a past event of that nature. We know he just escaped from being impeached. Here it is in the chart.

The Moon, the natural ruler of the electorate, is in Trump’s triplicity and fall. We have an electorate that partly approves of him but most of it does not, given by the reception by fall being stronger that reception by triplicity.

How is it possible that most of the electorate disapprove of him but he still wins?

The Moon applies to oppose Jupiter, L6, the pandemic, from house 12.

Who wants to go our and vote in the middle of a pandemic?

This is the picture of people being afraid (house 12) to go out and vote during the pandemic or afraid of violence (house 6) so many people who disapprove of Trump will not vote. That favors Trump and he wins.

Notice that Mars is in positive mutual reception with Jupiter. What a picture!

There we have it. Two charts showing Trump wins and both charts showing he benefits from the pandemic for his victory.

For the previous presidential election prediction (2016)  read this article >>

Chart #2 was cast by Sonia Medeiros. Check out her astrology blog.

And here is a video illustration of what we are about to witness. By David Byrne.


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