2020 Presidential Election Prediction

Here we have three charts showing the same outcome.

CHART 1: Will the president fall?

king 1

The Moon, the electorate, aspects L4, Joe Biden. Joe Biden Wins. The Moon aspect is a stronger testimony than the Nodes. Biden wins by vote count. Originally I took the Moon to be Trump and I judged he would win, but it has proven to be incorrect. Or is it?  

Well, taking the Moon as the electorate would explain the outcome in a pretty standard way. But this election was far from being a “standard” situation. In practice I doubt any experienced horary astrologer would choose the Moon to be the electorate if it rules the 10th house.

So, after the fact, I am inclined to say this is one of those difficult mysterious charts and leave it at that.

However, I have seen a chart indicating that indeed there was fraud in this election and Biden’s win was not clean at all, although he did get the vote count in his favor. Could this chart be any indication of such thing thus showing such contradicting testimonies? I think it could.

Look at Mercury’s essential debility and its position aspecting the 10th and 4th cusps. Mercury, the natural ruler of fraud. Saturn conjunct Pluto. If we wanted to describe someone going “low” this would do.

We also have Jupiter, who has power over the Moon by exaltation, in house 4. So, we have a combination of factors favoring Biden. Now, to make a call and say that those testimonies overrule the North Node in the 10th is another story. I couldn’t do it… Onward…

CHART 2: Will the democrats beat Trump?

dems trump 1

Venus, L4, enters house 10 when leaving its present sign. That is: Biden becomes president.

This makes sense as an extension of the notion that accidental dignity is what matters, not essential dignity. So, Venus entering its detriment is irrelevant.

The fact of it entering its detriment may well be descriptive of the hot potato he is getting into his hands but has no bearing on the outcome of the question.

Plus, Mars is conjunct the South Node and the Arabic Part of resignation. And the Moon is in Mars’ fall, which shows the electorate as a whole not being in favor of Trump.

CHART 3: Will Biden win?

biden wins astrological prediction

The Moon aspects Venus, L4. Biden wins. Biden by vote count.


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Chart #2 was cast by Sonia Medeiros. Check out her astrology blog.



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