Cause of Death – Carthiona White

The querent is not related to her personally so Carthiona White?is L7. Here we find typical testimonies for somebody taking her own life and for related psychological cause or state.


Venus, L7, is found inside the turned 12th cusp, of self-harm. L12, of self-harm, in turn, is found inside house 7 not far from the cusp, obviously in mutual reception. Translation: she and self-harm are “friends” or are deeply in resonance.

The North Node is right on the 7th cusp giving her power to act and a favorable outcome in whatever she intends within the context. Some people attempt suicide and fail. Here we have a chart where failure is not indicated, quite the opposite.

Were we close to the quesited personally we could unravel the meaning of Mercury, being so close to the Sun; and Mars and possibly Jupiter, being in her house 12. We are not, so there is nothing to be said about them.

Saturn, however is a typical force in suicide as it is the natural ruler of depression and negative psychological states. Here Saturn aspects the 7th cusp, indicating that such state was present on her death.


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