Should I take the antibiotics?

The querent has an infection in one of her toes and her doctor prescribed antibiotics. She wants to know whether her toe will get better on its own or whether she should take the antibiotics, which idea she dislikes.

Should I take the antibiotics?
Should I take the antibiotics?

The antibiotics are signified by Mars, the ruler of the 10th house.

Following the body anatomy around the chart we find Mercury to signify her toe, the ruler of her 12th house.

Mars is in Mercury’s term so it will help the toe. Mars is also in the Moon’s detriment showing that it will harm her overall health in the process. This is a well known scenario with antibiotics.

Will mercury get better on its own?

Yes, Mercury is approaching second station therefore is turning direct. This is a major testimony for improvement. Additionally, Mercury’s next significant event is a conjunction with the North Node, again showing strengthening or improvement.

So, in principle, no need to take antibiotics.


Mercury is in station in a fixed sign. It will take time to heal. (This was corroborated by feedback from the querent.) Possibly more time than the querent is willing to wait. She waited nearly two weeks and was getting impatient. And indeed the Moon translates light from Mars to Mercury showing she would take the antibiotics.

She indeed took them and the toe healed quickly afterwards.


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