America Great Again! Part #1

America Great Again

An American asks the question: what can we expect from the new USA presidency?

This is a genuine but general question. By adhering to basic horary principles we can produce an adequate general answer.

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What are the primary significators?

The presidency: L10, Venus.
The nation as a whole (here): L1, Jupiter.
The people of the nation: the Moon.

Any other planets that may be involved in “the action” are open to interpretation as far as signification is concerned.

Basically, this is a prognosis question.

So, what is in store for the presidency, the nation and the people?

The presidency is in positive mutual reception by sign with the nation. They are in one another’s houses. This is remarkably positive; we could not expect anything better in a relationship between ruler and ruled.

But alas, this positive mutual reception is at an end with Venus at 28 SAG. While Jupiter will remain under the power of Venus in the upcoming period, Venus, on the other hand leaves the sign of Jupiter and shifts focus radically.

Based on this testimony alone we can expect a presidency that is very different from the one which is about to end. The late-in-the-sign position of Venus is a remarkably accurate testimony for a not yet expired presidency and an upcoming one.

What character will that shift of focus from the new presidency take?

Venus is leaving Sagittarius for Capricorn. This shows that the presidency’s regard for the nation as a whole will not only cease to be the focus but will sharply flip as it enters Jupiter’s fall. The focus on the nation as a whole will be replaced with a focus on Saturn and Mars and Venus itself, which will enter its own triplicity. Saturn sits on the ascendant and is on Pluto by antiscion: it is important and afflicted. By that token, by Venus entering the Moon’s detriment we see a negative focus towards the people by the presidency. How this will manifest we cannot know exactly. But this is serious. This is not a nice change of receptions for a presidency and the nation and its people.

Even if Saturn means the nation’s resources (L2) and the presidency will do all they can to protect and defend those resources, that is not good; if that protection is done at the expense of the people’s welfare and the integrity of the nation, which the negative reception towards Jupiter and the Moon point at.

Does that sound like Trump’s rhetoric during his campaign? It does. 

If we wanted to find a testimony for Trump’s expressed plans to deport or otherwise limit people and protecting commercial trade by destroying bridges and/or building walls of one kind or another this Mars-Saturn rulership configuration plus negative receptions would do perfectly. That is an interpretation. I could be wrong…

Any other testimonies for the people?

The Moon exalts the presidency and is in Jupiter’s (the USA’s) sign. This is very appropriate about those who elect a leader for a nation. Those who chose him exalt him, not only emotionally or ideologically, they actually lifted him up to power. Very congruent testimony.

But receptions can be read two ways. So, it can be read as “people being under the president’s power” (by exaltation). Given the upcoming change of receptions from the presidency towards the people and the openly advertised plans of interfering with people’s choices and lives?the latter interpretation of receptions may well be appropriate.

The next significant event/influence for the people is shown by the Moon-Mercury applying trine with negative mutual reception. Mercury is conjunct Mars by antiscion therefore bringing Mars’ influence to the Moon — remember: the Mars that the presidency exalts. Again, we cannot be specific. Mercury, is disposed by Mars, inside the 12th cusp. Let’s wait and see. A good thing for the people it is not, methinks. We have two testimonies pointing in the same direction.

Icing on the cake:

Venus is on the star Acumen; a star associated with blindness and otherwise pretty nasty. Jupiter is on the star Algorab. The Moon is on the star Markab. Read about them. Those influences will color the planetary configurations described above.

The answer

The nature of the upcoming mandate is one of valuation of possessions, enforcement of restrictions, obstacles, barriers and prohibitions, and disregard for the people, and harmful to the nation.

The Outcome

Without delay, our new president began validating this interpretation on day one. Read about it here >>

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