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Attempt on Nicolas Maduro’s Life. Who did it?

Recently, there was an assassination attempt on the life of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. The attempt was unsuccessful. Some suspect that the CIA is behind the attack as the USA is openly attempting to enact a regime change and install a puppet ruler in that country.

Who, among those who know 20th/21st century history, needs a chart to answer this one? But let’s humor the querent.

nicolas maduro

Nicolas Maduro is Mercury, the ruler of the 10th from the 9th, that is, the president of a foreign country since the querent is American.

The American government is L10, Mars. Mars is also the 11th ruler, that is, those who act on behalf of the government or are organs of the government such as the congress, representatives, FBI, or the CIA.

Mercury’s last aspect was a conjunction with Mars.

Answer: the American government. 

End of judgment. 

But there is more. 

Mars exalts Jupiter, the opposition leader they want to install to replace Maduro. Jupiter afflicts the 6th cusp. Congruent. 

The attempt involved explosives: Mars. Congruent. 

Mercury is safe in an early degree of a different sign from Mars’, for now. 

That is a pithy testimony of someone “escaping” and becoming inaccessible to his attacker, who was unsuccessful in this instance. 

However, Mercury is slowing down, will turn retrograde, and conjoin Mars again, in Leo. Mars is coming for Mercury again at some point in the future. 

Nicolas Maduro

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