Did caffeine hurt my back?

The querent has been having a strong acute pain in her lower back for the last ten days. The muscle tiredness, she knows, comes from exercising because she has been doing more of it recently.

But she has a feeling that her recent drinking too much caffeine may be causing the acute extra pain. She has a known degree of intolerance to caffeine so she asked: did caffeine hurt by back?

Did caffeine hurt my back?

The caffeine she has been ingesting is suitably represented by Mars (L2); in its triplicity and fall. Caffeine is nice because it gives her a kick of energy (triplicity) but it has a harmful aspect to it that outweighs the benefit (fall).

Is Mars doing anything nasty to any planet in the chart? Indeed, it is.

Saturn, the natural ruler of the spine, is in very nice shape in its exaltation. We have an indication that the pain is not of local origin, that is it is not from physically hurting the back itself. Saturn is located on the 8th cusp of the lowest part of her back, where it hurts. Saturn and Mars are in a square with negative mutual reception. Yes, caffeine is hurting her back.

How so exactly?

Mars is afflicting her 5th house of the liver. Her liver, the Moon, is in good shape and rules Mars. Nevertheless Mars, being in fall, is not a nice substance for her to digest. The pain comes through the blood stream and is of a chemical nature, rather than purely physical such as because of over-exertion.

Also, there are indications of weakness of other digestive system organs shown by the three debilitated planets in houses 6 and 7. Since Venus is Saturn’s (L1) dispositor it deserves special attention: Venus is weak in its fall and combust. Her kidneys and/or bladder  are having a hard time. Organs which caffeine is known to affect.

Some may wonder why is not Mercury the accidental ruler of the liver, since it rules the sign on the 5th cusp? The answer is that in physical anatomy we take the ruler of the sign that covers most of the house in question as the significator for the organ we need, thus Cancer is the sign and the Moon our significator.

Both Mars and Saturn being in cardinal signs show that this is an acute crisis and if she backs off from caffeine the pain will subside. So she did and the pain is gone.

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