Did the Russian government interfere with the USA presidential election?

The chart could not be more eloquent.



USA president/presidency: Mercury, L10.
Russian government: turned 10th from 9th: Saturn.

Saturn is angular. Mercury is disposited by Saturn and is conjunct Saturn by antiscion.

Translation: the Russian government has power over the American president, has direct influence on the American president, has power to act and acts in a hidden way to exercise that power and influence.

Part of the answer to the question: “yes”.

But there is more:

How has it been claimed that the interference occurred? Via a computer network hack.

Saturn is Cazimi thus the Sun and Saturn act together as one and Saturn is empowered and made “invisible” by the Sun which is Russia’s government’s L7: a partner of some kind: an enabler or “hacker”, in practical terms, let’s say.

The Sun is also the 3rd from the 10th.

Mars, the ruler of house 3 from the Russian government sits on the Russian government’s cusp. House three is the house of the Russian government’s computer/communication systems.

Mercury is ruled by Mars by exaltation.

If details of the hack are ever made public we may come to understand what role the Moon played in this, as it rules the 2nd from the 10th, and its last aspect was with its dispositor, Mars, and it was conjunct the North Node’s antiscion when that aspect happened.

One possible interpretation is that of the “electorate”. And I say this purely for the sake of studying symbology. The Moon is ruled by Mars, and by the Sun by exaltation, both of which are meaningfully placed active planets here. If we wanted to see a testimony for the electorate being “swayed” by the effects of such hack this configuration would do rather accurately. We will likely never know from the news; but the symbology is coherent.

…but if we look at the chart as “is the rumor true?” the chart shows the rumor is false…

Some thoughts about that:

  1. The chart is about the Russian government and the American government. That is: Saturn and Mercury. Look at what is happening between them and we get the answer, as outlined above. Mind you, the querent is not asking how the interference occured. Any interpretation to that effect is simply speculation and, since this is a study web site, it is also a study in symbology.
  2. I repeat: the chart is about the Russian government and the American government. It is NOT about a rumor. So there are no significators for a “rumor” in this chart. Do not overlay a different question onto a chart or you will be distorting the answer and degrading horary. Bad habit.
  3. If one believes the result of the presidential election was god-given, one might want to look at L9, the significator of god, and see how it bears on the outcome. Or if one believes the result of the presidential election was due to Trump knowing how to tie his camel one might want to look at L12, the significators of large animals like camels and see how the camel bears on the outcome!  NO, the chart is not about god or camels or about a rumor; it is about the Russian government and the American government. There is no god or camel or rumor in this chart.
  4. Charts about rumors often indicate the querent has a fuzzy mind. Some rumors are simple (I heard it is snowing in New York now), some are complex (I heard Julian Assange had an attempt on his life by the CIA helped by aliens from the Pleiades). How can we possibly know how much and which part of a complex rumor is true or false from a horary chart? We cannot. The answer to such questions are never sharp, they are fuzzy and full of maybes. If you want to know if it is raining in NY or if Julian Assange is dead or alive just ask that. Period.

…the news are now saying that it was an inside job and that the leak came from Germany…

It may well be an inside job; look at the Moon: L11. And Germany (or anyone else) may well be involved. After all, the chart shows another entity with close ties to the Russian government (the Sun). Again, the question was: is the Russian government involved? The answer is “yes”. How and to what extent is not answerable with accuracy from this chart, or from any other chart, as far as I am concerned. That is a limitation of horary.

And, if you think that the news is a reliable measurement of truth then you don’t need horary. Be my guest and believe the news channel of your choice.


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