Do we have a future in the long run?

Here’s a chart showing a brand new, budding, romantic relationship and its probable future.

She has been seeking a long-term steady relationship for a long time. They had been together a couple of weeks when I drew the chart. She asks: is he “the one”?

future in the long run 1


Let’s first see how they feel about each other and about themselves, see if those feelings will last and let’s also see whether there are any clear changes indicated and, of course, whether there are any afflictions to either partner or to the relationship itself.


The querent is a woman so she gets Jupiter, the Moon and Venus. Her partner is a man so he gets Mercury and the Sun.

Venus is dignified by term. All other significators are peregrine. These two are floating around like butterflies in the wind. They just happened to float by one another and hooked up. That corroborates the context given by the querent.


We are talking “receptions”. And here we have a typical beginning of relationship “falling in love” situation: positive receptions allover and exaltation on both sides.

Jupiter signifies her as a person. What does Jupiter want and value most? 

Jupiter is in Taurus so she really values her own emotions, the Moon, she also values whatever Venus signifies. Venus rules Jupiter so Venus dictates the rules for her personality, Venus is the boss. Venus represents her as a woman, that is, her body and the whole of her female psychology.

What is Venus up to? 

First of all, she has been looking for a man for quite some time. You cannot see it in this static chart but if you backtracked it you would see Venus chasing the Sun since it entered Cancer, a sign conducive of the expression of desire. Venus exalts Jupiter. For her being a woman makes her feel good as a person. Venus is ruled by the Moon; as a woman her emotions are of paramount importance. All this is also corroborated by the context given.

The Moon exalts the Sun! Wow, here I have this wonderful man! Her emotions show her infatuation. The Moon will square the Sun and immediately go into its own exaltation in Taurus, in mutual reception with Venus. She will get more deeply involved with him and will fall in love. It won’t be without difficulties though, we have a square here.

The Sun, him as a man, his body and his male psychology, love her personality and her emotionality. This is nice for falling in love! Mercury is ruled by this Sun so is going along without the least resistance. The Sun, as soon as the Moon falls in his arms will arrive home: ahhh! Leo! He will feel good as a man. Great!


Well, some things will last, some will not.

Venus and the Sun are in a cardinal sign so whatever they are feeling has no particular endurance. The Sun will fall out of love and Mercury, being in a fixed sign ruled by the Sun will follow whatever the Sun decides without any resistance again. Venus is high on herself (Jupiter and the Moon) which will pass too. So far it’s normal, many relationships begin like this, and certain feelings fade.

So, what will last?

I already mentioned Mercury. Now Jupiter is in fixed Taurus. No matter what happens she will continue putting her own emotions on a pedestal and will continue being ruled by her female psychology. Her personality revolves around those values, that will not change. The Moon entering Taurus will become exalted herself which brings a measure of emotional wisdom to the picture as she stops exalting the Sun but that makes her more self-involved or self-absorbed as the Moon also becomes ruled by Venus.

The Sun in Leo is a nice touch; it indicates that this relationship jump-started his manhood and it will be fired up for some time. Good. But the change of receptions due to the change of signs is what tells us of the future. When the Sun leaves Cancer it falls out of love with Jupiter and the Moon. He loses interest in her. He will be in no dignity whatsoever of any of her significators. He will be focussed on himself.

Likewise there’s no feeling in her for him that will endure. Once the Moon changes signs she will also be in no dignity of any of his significators. And that is happening in a fixed sign. Does that look like the recipe for the long term relationship that she was look for? Not at all. This is all about exalting the Sun, having some fun while it happens and that’s all folks. Notice that Jupiter is in house 5 of fun and the Moon will soon come in too.


So, no, there’s no future in the long run. And so it proved; the outcome was as predicted: it lasted about four months and she split up. Also very accurate was the chart’s display of the psychological traits and states of both partners. I know both of them personally.

Then we have that debilitated Mars on the South Node afflicting his house. Mars is the dispositor of the Arabic part of marriage therefore it signifies their relationship. Mars is peregrine and applying on the constricting South Node. We could have answered the question solely by looking at this Mars. And of course we could analyze the web of receptions and arrive at some conclusions about their attitudes towards the relationship. But I’ll leave that to you.

But there’s more about Mars which I could not know when I cast the chart. Now, knowing the outcome I can tell more. 

Mars is also his job/career. His lack of work and lack of promise of improvement placed an enormous burden on their romance. She likes to enjoy herself as you can infer from the above, but she had to bank everything, and she did not like that. Notice that Jupiter, the Moon in Taurus, and Venus all dislike Mars as they are all in Mars debilities. If we fine tune we notice that Venus, her as a woman, was willing to put up with Mars to some degree as Venus is also in Mars’ triplicity besides its fall. But no way for Jupiter or the Moon, being in Mars’ detriment.

For those who like to pay attention to a chart’s subtle layers of information the fact that his job and the relationship were signified by the same planet is very coherent and accurate. She did not want his “career” = She did not want the “relationship”.


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