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George Floyd

This is the event chart for the time of George Floyd's death.

George Floyd moment of death event chart

Jupiter is in fall and on Pluto in an earth sign. Pluto being the lord of the underworld. In a sign of Saturn. We have the picture of a big black man fallen on the ground.

Mercury, L10, of authority, is in an opposition to the second cusp by antiscion. The second cusp is Floyd’s neck. The Node’s axis is on the 2nd-8th cusps by antiscion bringing emphasis to those houses, with the South Node’s antiscion falling on the 2nd cusp: constriction to the neck.

The Arabic Part of Despair is on the 10th cusp. That speaks of the decision that policeman had to make. The fixed star Denebola hints at the worst possible decision being made.

Mercury in its own sign and conjunct the North Node is full of himself and self-righteous. It is conjunct the fixed star Alhecka, giving the policemen the posture and attitude of someone who is violently “taking a bull by the horns”.

The Sun is the authority’s L12 of self-undoing. (This is typical in psychological analysis. Before harm can be done to someone else in such a way the person must be deeply disturbed psychologically). The sun sits inside the descendant which is the house of the authority’s knee (turned 10th from the 10th). The Sun is opposing Jupiter by antiscion and afflicts the ascendant: Floyd.

The picture we got from the video was of an event taking place half-hidden, thus the multiple antiscial positions in this chart. Possibly and likely hinting at further hidden factors surrounding the event.

Victim, neck, knee, authority, death and self-undoing are all linked.

Floyd died of asphyxiation. Jupiter rules the lungs naturally as well accidentally in this chart. Neptune is on the 4th cusp spelling an overwhelming event to that house: the lungs.

Jupiter is retrograde and in Mutual reception with his own L12, Mars, which the Moon is separating from. Whatever Floyd did, knowingly or unknowingly, got him into trouble in the first place. 

We find the star Yed Prior on the ascendant, imparting the theme of unseen dangers as he “holds a serpent” which can curl back and bite him. That corroborates the alleged handling of a fake twenty dollar bill.

Vivian Robson mentions that Yed Prior is associated with “revolutions” which does characterize the effects of this event.

For all this to appear in an event chart we definitely have an event of social impact. Floyd and his executioner were playing their parts in the painful drama of growing up out of adolescence for the American soul and all young souls around the world who have not yet learned to respect the lives of their fellow human beings.

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