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Question: what is the humoral imbalance humanity is experiencing at the moment, in the middle of the pandemic?

This is a straight humoral diagnosis. I have removed everything that is not relevant from the chart so that we can focus on answering the question only.


Humanity, that is: “us”, is signified by Jupiter. Its dispositor, Saturn will show us the imbalance type, mode and degree.

Saturn is in Aquarius, an air sign. So the imbalance is that we have an excess of the Air element (or Blood humor).

Aquarius is late in the Zodiac so we have a severe excess. Out of four degrees we have too much heat and moisture of the 3rd degree.

Aquarius is a fixed sign. Is it easy to change this imbalance? No, it is not changed easily. It will take equally severe, intelligent and persistent measures to go back to normal.

This is a condition that began recently, given by Saturn being early in its sign.

Very well, how does that translate into our reality?

Like this:

Saturn is inside the 3rd cusp so the excess of air is affecting primarily the house of our daily routine/lifestyle.

Jupiter is in fall and in station in an earth sign. The air is stuck inside and cannot circulate normally. Jupiter is malfunctioning.

How come?

The pandemic lockdown is putting a lid on our desire and need for action and connection. For the most part the only place where our air (that need and desire for action and connection) can circulate is the Internet: house 3.

Our social interaction has gone full-time online.

A digital life or relationships is not quite enough and is not fully adequate; depicted by Saturn being retrograde.

Jupiter, the airy expansive planet cannot expand. Saturn, the ruler of restriction restrains.

Air Element

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