House 12, stay away from me!

“Felipe, you keep seeing house 12 in every chart.”

That was a comment from a fellow astrologer who asked for help to interpret a horary chart about a relationship she was having difficulties with.

Part of her description of the situation involved the statement that “men are idiots”.

Now, we don’t need astrology to know that such emotionally loaded attitude is a major part of her problem and that is something “inside” her, not outside, with the other person, thus a house 12 matter. Or, do we?

And the chart we analyzed blatantly showed the influence of L12 in her life.

The men she has been with may well be idiots. But if she harbors that generalized attitude she will very likely keep attracting more idiots, no doubt; and more difficulties.

Remarkably, people who are under the influence or power of house 12 are the ones who have most resistance in accepting the fact that they are harming themselves due to their own wrong habits, wrong beliefs and wrong attitudes. During the course of the development of our personalities we have learned to point the finger outside or at others for the causes of our suffering. And that, in turn, causes more suffering.

Some wise being once said: the truth will set you free. From my perspective, without becoming conscious of house 12 there is no chance of refining our perception of truth about ourselves (and thus about others), because house 12 always distorts the truth, so we cannot be free from the false notions that plague our minds and the stream of negative emotions that pains our hearts. The experience of not being free is in the very nature of house 12: prison, Saturn.

If we, as astrologers who have an interest in the psyche, truly understand the role and extent self-undoing plays in our lives, we will see house 12 and its ruler active in many more cases than we “normally” do. Unless, of course, like the querent above, we entertain the bad habit of looking outside ourselves for the cause of our mental and emotional distress.


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