Julian Assange’s Freedom

The question was: Is he really going to be released? Or is there something fishy about this agreement?

Julian Assange is somebody not related to the querent, so he is signified by Mercury, the ruler of house 7.

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Mercury is at 16 degree of cancer and he is inside his second house cusp. That is meaningful because he is in the process of striking a plea deal with the American judicial system. He is in the house of his legal assistance. 

We have the star Aldebaran on his cusp, indicating something new is coming to him.

What’s the next thing that happens to Mercury? 

A trine with Saturn. Whatever Saturn means, it’s not going to be something that will occur with a lot of resistance. It’s going to happen smoothly.

However, Mercury is in the detriment of Saturn. So Mercury doesn’t want Saturn at all, but that’s what it’s getting. It’s an applying aspect. So, whether Mercury likes or doesn’t like Saturn, it’s gonna get it. And Saturn is in the detriment and fall of Mercury. So it’s a double negative reception.

What could tris trine be about? What in this situation could be so damaging to him and he could hate so much?

He’s fighting with the American judicial system. So, since the queretn is American, House 10 represents the judge. Mercury is taken so we take the ruler of the next sign in the 10th, Venus to signify the judge.

The judge will ask him a few questions. Depending on his answers, she will release him or not.

Will the judge be favorable or unfavorable to Julian Assange?

She will be favorable because Venus is ruled by the Moon. So whatever the Moon is asking, Venus will say, okay, I’ll give it to you. That’s what receptions say. 

We can also see that Venus is combust. So, applying basic principles, we know that the Sun has power over Venus.

What could the Sun mean?

As stated by Julian Assange’s attorneys, the Australian government played an important role in this process. High ranking officials from Australia were part of the negotiation. So there was an influence from a foreign country. The Sun rules house 9.

House 4 is an important house. What does House 4 mean in legal matters?

The verdict. This is the end of the matter. It’s whatever the judge decides, which was:  You don’t need to go to prison anymore. You can go to Australia.

So, Jupiter is the verdict. Jupiter is in the sign of Mercury.Receptions! It will do good things to Mercury. It wil be favorable to Julian Assange.

However remember, he had to to give something to the prosecutors in order to receive this verdict. It didn’t come for free.

He had to agree to something. What did he agree to?

He had to plead guilty. He wasn’t acquitted from his crimes. He had to say: Yes, I commit this crime, now, please let me go. And that’s what they did.

What in the chart tells us that he had to plead guilty, which is to do something he didn’t want to do because he doesn’t believe he committed a crime, but the judicial system forgave him the option.

If you accept you’re guilty, you can go. If you don’t, you will not go. So what in the chart shows us that he pleaded guilty and how he felt about it, what his relationship to this plea is.

The testimony in the chart that describes the plea deal perfectly is the trine with Saturn.

Saturn rules “rules”, it rules obstructions, it rules limits and limitation, it rules things that you have to do, whether you like them or not.

So it’s a very Saturnine thing he had to do. There is no negotiation with Saturn. You have to take Saturn or nothing at all.

Remember, a planet in a house influences that house. Saturn is in house 4 (house 3 is a large house) and thus influences the verdict. How does it influence the verdict? 

It is the condition by which acceptance he gets his verdict.

How do you know this trine means that he plea?

Knowledge of the context. And matching the symbolist to the context.

First, he didn’t want to plead guilty. He said many times before: I’m not gonna plead guilty because I’m not guilty. That was his position.

But now he had to, otherwise he wouldn’t be free. He decided to plead guilty. That’s why Mercury in the detriment of Saturn.

He didn’t want to do it, but it’s a trine. He did it. A trine with negative reception: He did something he did not want to do, but without resistance.

The fact that Saturn is in the detriment and fall of Mercury means that this plea deal goes against everything that he fought for. His very identity is connected to that, basically. So, this plea deal goes against him as a person.

We can see that all of these planets in Cancer are in the exaltation of Jupiter. So, they are all pleased with the verdict. They’re getting what they wanted. That’s a favorable testimony for everybody, including the prosecutors.

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