Medical Horary – Joe Biden’s Cognitive Faculties

The querent observed that Joe Biden, the USA Democratic presidential candidate, was exhibiting behavior indicative of someone who is having cognition problems. Is that so?


Biden is L7, Jupiter. In its fall, in station barely retrograde, and on Pluto. Very afflicted. We see someone who is not in good shape.

Jupiter’s dispositor, Saturn in Aquarius, tells us he has a fixed excess of air of the 3rd degree. That is probably the case with anyone who is just sitting on their couch in an earth sign all day due to the lockdown, not just Biden. He has accumulated heat and moisture which remains unexpressed. Not enough activity and not enough connection with people and the external world. Congruent with someone in a lockdown.

But we are told by his physician that he works out five days a week. A fixed excess of air of 3rd degree is not what one would expect from someone fit. Either he does not work out enough or there is some other problem.

We have a 78 year old man with a string of past health issues and hospital admittances for problems including heart and brain aneurism conditions and skin cancer.

Saturn also points at any medication he is taking. (Saturn rules the next sign in his 10th and Jupiter is taken). See the South Node inside the turned 10th cusp saying “look at me!” If he is indeed exercising properly five times a week then my guess is that his medications are causing the excess of air. He has a history of heart condition and takes medication to regulate his heartbeat. 

Like most people his age who are clueless about traditional medicine he is likely under a regimen of a multitude of chemical medicines to suppress a multitude of symptoms. Side-effects are supposed to be “normal” and “acceptable”.

What about the cognition issue?

Look at Jupiter’s antiscion. Right in opposition to the two natural rulers of cognition: the two lights, the Sun and the Moon. The Sun on the star Alcyone indicates an inability to see properly and faulty awareness or cognition. Both the Sun and the Moon are in negative reception towards Jupiter. And the Sun is separating from a trine with Saturn, the cause of his present state of health. The Sun also rules his heart here so that could well be a trigger, given the context of his medical history.

Isn’t cognition ruled by Mercury?

It depends on one’s definition of cognition. In my dictionary cognition pertains to the *acquisition* of knowledge through perception and the senses. So that is dependent on the presence of light, as in: we need light in order to be able to see. So: Sun and Moon, with the Moon pertaining to intuitive cognition. Mercury then comes in and processes that knowledge and articulates it. 

Mercury is not Biden’s problem according to this chart; the Sun is.

Either he has an issue with his central nervous system or his heart or both. Either way the problem is exacerbated by the excess of air which likely is caused by side-effects from medication.

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