Meet the Maker

There is a notion in religious and some spiritual circles that death means going back to god. This can clearly be seen in the expression: “Meet the maker” with reference to death.

Since traditional astrology is a congruent system of knowledge, if the essence of dying really meant “going back to god” death would be shown by house 9, not house 8, or God shown by house 8, wouldn’t they? Why two houses for the same thing?

But life ends in house 8 and then eternal life starts in house 9…

Right, and after achieving eternal life we meet the king of heaven, house 10; so god must be house 10 then…

Life ends in house 8 and that is the end of this particular birth chart’s business. There is no more physical body and personality to be assessed, no more *experience* to be assessed. Whatever is eternal does not belong in any chart. There is no way to investigate house 9 for the “soul” in question without getting into imagination.

We can investigate house 9 for events in the life, which include insights into the Eternal, or God, if you like. That is very much a house 9 inquiry. House 9 and its activities are indicated clearly in the progressed and return charts of those who have had spiritual experiences which can be described as of “godly” nature. Same thing in horary, if anyone cares to ask about such things.

For the “understanding of God” to arise in a person’s life no death of the physical body is required (the death of misconceptions about “self” are required, but not death of the body. Although it is recorded that nearing death can bring about such experiences. But nearing death is not death. And the Understanding is not the experience).

Death is that: the death of the physical body. There is no reason to bring the concept of god into the picture if we want to talk about facts rather than an ideal or belief. The notion that death and god have some intrinsic causal connection is based on bias from spiritual/religious education which is being “read into” astrology prior to thorough investigation of the concept.

Such investigation can be performed for congruency even on a purely intellectual level. If death were the ticket to God, as opposed to God being present right now and at all times in every thing and everyone, it would not be referred to as Ominipresence. House 9 is the house of higher knowledge or insight; it is that Knowledge or Insight that enables us to realize God, not death.

The essence of dying is the cessation of physical life: house 8; end of story. In the Chaldean order around the chart Saturn starts life in house 1 and ends it in house 8. Death is death. The door is shut, including, specifically, the door to astrological knowledge about the once living that is now dead.



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