Horary psychological analysis. What motivates the president?

The querent was astonished to see the degree of lying by his president in dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic and questioned: what motivates him? What forces are at play in his life? What does he care about?

psychological analysis horary president trump

The president, L10, is Mercury in its detriment and fall conjunct Neptune in his turned house 7, the house of his own partners.

We start with a leader who is not in house one. No, that would be a president who rules for the love of his people and country. Neither is he in house 10, his palace, where he would feel strong and ready to welcome and serve his subjects like a good king would. Here however, we have a president who wants to be out engaging with the world for reasons other than his people or his country.

In an essentially debilitated planet we see someone living uncomfortably within his own skin; here opposing its sign and exaltation. The overwhelming need of approval from house 7 destroys inner peace. Therefore in this Mercury truth is lacking. Mercury is not particularly fond of truth, but in Pisces it takes it to extremes. As if that was not enough, the heavens want to rub it in with a conjunction with Neptune, showing lack of awareness, inability to see and a penchant for obscurity and deceit. Think: “I won’t show you my tax return” as a mild example of that. There is little honesty in his world. This Mercury is the picture of a pathological liar. Watery Pisces gives Mercury loose and careless mental activity and talk.

Is there a measure of happiness in him being in his 7th house?

Certainly, he likes the engagement and adulation. So, we can apply the concept that he is in a house he wants to be in (as is common with the querent in house 7 questions), thus it being the 7th, we admit of disregarding Mercury’s detriment. I’ll go for that here, pretty congruent with evidence.

Essential dignity of a planet, in psychological delineation, demonstrates, among other things, how a person feels about him/herself. It is reception with oneself.

Mercury’s fall however remains in force. It shows someone unprepared, short of practical ability, self-deprecating, disappointed with oneself or defeated. No wonder, just look at the decisions he’s having to make, he is terrified of making the wrong ones and rejects most challenges to his own opinions. He certainly does not want to show his weakness and lack to the public. Instead he flips into arrogance and pride. Here we see Neptune doing his job of deceit, obfuscation and obscuring by putting up a façade of tough guy and putting down others at every opportunity.

What does he love most? Is it you, dear reader, that he cares about? Your family, friends and community and the whole people of the country?

Let’s continue looking at receptions.

First, being in Pisces in the turned house 7 shows us he cares for Jupiter, his partners, above all. That house is prime psychic real estate for him. But what kind of people? Who are his partners? Are they union leaders and laborers? Are they rich or poor?

Turned L7. His partners are rich people, who Jupiter is the natural ruler of. Everyone else is the Moon in this chart, the natural ruler of the people, and natural ruler of lack and wanting.

Second, he exalts Venus. His money, his self-esteem, his possessions, his face to the world. House 2 is very prominent here. On an angle we find his L2, Venus.

The state of his possessions, including the psychic ones such as self-esteem and “face” has an enormous weight on his psyche and it is taking a beating since leaving its own sign, Taurus. Whatever happens to Venus happens to him. His possessions are part of his notion and feeling of “self”. Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception. The president and money are in a love affair.

We could also read Venus as the government’s money. Either way it is money that he exalts, as in: “I run this country like a business”. We will get back to Venus below.

Back to Mercury and how well he is performing running the country.

Mercury’s antiscion is on the star Vindemiatrix. (It is often said that antiscia to stars are meagningless. Hard to ignore it here). Is the president over-stretching himself? Is he inflating his abilities? Is he beyond his means in both awareness, intelligence, empathy and physical resources to deal with the situation he is dealing with now with this pandemic? Is not the outcome of such state something to cry about? Yes, to all. All Vindemiatrix’s symbology.

Is that it?

Not quite.

The Sun is the president’s L12 of self-undoing. It sits on the 10th cusp by antiscion, bringing that part of his personality that is against himself into his life in an unseen/unconscious way. He does not have a clue house 12 even exists and that it is at the center of his life.

His house 12 is about ego-protection and about filling a hole in the soul with material possessions and power. It is about excessive materialism and self-importance. In the Fourth Way or Michael Teaching terminology he has chief features of Greed and Arrogance. For more information on spiritual house 12 delineation read the article The Seven Fears.

Being so steeply immersed in one’s house 12 allows him to perform little or no conscious spiritual work at all. It is all warfare on all levels: physical, emotional and mental for him. Beating and getting beaten is how we learn in those adolescent soul ages such as the one he is in now. It is all about personal success at whatever cost. Usually at the expense of the welfare of others thus this is a time where much karma is created for him.

The president stands away from his palace, house 10, and thus looks in a direction away from the people who love him and who adore him, the Moon, in the sign and exaltation of its rightful dispositor (the leader), in the sign on the 10th cusp. This is a betrayal in the making. He has turned his back to his people; the wanting people who need him. Treason.

But he is in the news all the time saying how good a job he is doing for all of us!

Yes he is, indeed. That is what Mercury in Pisces on Neptune does: obfuscate, over and over, as is the case of planet in a mutable sign. He cares not for the people. This could already be seen some time ago in the presidential prognosis horary.

The Sun is inside his turned 8th cusp. Is he afraid of dying?

The fear of death is not what triggers his house 12. The Sun, his lord of self-undoing and the symbol of gold, is in the house of his partner’s money. The rich people he cares about. This points squarely at his greed. He wants more to fill the hole in his soul and feel happy in the middle of a bunch of rich people. What he fears is losing his possessions and his face, above all.

Only a debilitated Mercury on Neptune can be a suitable symbol for someone who peruses the ability to obfuscate the view of so many who believe he is all about care for anything or anyone other than his money and his tribe of billionaires, who actually rule us in this plutocracy. Neptune also begs the question of how much the president is being deceived himself by those above him – the “owners of this country” as George Carlin so aptly put it. Being signified by a debilitated planet makes him highly susceptible to being manipulated.

But there is nothing wrong with being rich!

No, if we share properly. Here Jupiter is in its fall and on Pluto and in the Moon’s detriment. This is Jupiter as far from having the generosity and compassion of Jupiter as there can be. Plus, the fact that Jupiter is Mercury’s dispositor here is disturbing to say the least. The president is there to please Jupiter. Jupiter “rules” the president. Jupiter is the 1%.

Yet, notice that Jupiter is not in Mercury’s significant dignities. Jupiter could not care less for the president. He is a puppet blindly working for them, while enjoying his perks, no doubt.

Jupiter cares for Saturn and Mars. What could that mean?

Notice that Venus is in a tight trine with Saturn, who Jupiter really loves, and is our money and resources, radical house 2. And notice the South Node inside the 2nd cusp. Our money is shrinking.

Why is it shrinking?

Let’s keep an eye on the context. Here we can read Venus as the congress and senate, L11, conjunct the tears of Alcyone amidst the haziness of the Pleiades — unhappiness, and blindness again. Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception, that is, mutual agreement. Venus was in the sign of the Moon’s exaltation (Taurus), that is, the congress and senate were, to a certain degree working for the people. Now, in Mercury’s sign and on blinding Alcyone, Venus is no longer thinking of the Moon, it is aligned with Mercury. Two angular planets working together with one aim.

What aim?

Venus is translating light from Saturn to Mars. Mars is the ruler of the second house from the president’s partners, where the Sun (Trump’s greed) is. In summary: the congress and senate take our tax money and put it into the rich people’s/corporations’ pockets. Unless we live with our heads in a hole in the ground we know that that is exactly what is happening with the huge bailouts to corporations and banks as well as low-interest loans given to large businesses who do not need them, because of the pandemic. Our tax money (Saturn) goes to make the rich richer (Mars), and Jupiter loves that. And Mercury works for Jupiter. And the Moon gets little or nothing.

But the Venus-Mars trine never perfects!

Indeed. That matches the context. The house and senate change their minds (turn retrograde) and do not deliver Saturn to Mars. This corroborates the fact that they went back on their original intent and refused to bailout on Trump’s and most of the Republican’s original terms which outlandishly favored the rich and corporations. Yet, the context shows us that much was actually done in favor of the rich at the expense of the poor. Imagine the size of the thievery that they had originally planed! Remember the original inquiry: it is about the president’s motivations.

mercury neptune president 1

So, to conclude this horror story we can add robbery to Mercury’s resumé. A leader and his partners stealing the country’s and people’s resources to benefit themselves at the people’s expense is nothing new though. This chart is a picture of Kleptocracy. Trump just happens to be a gross open display of this corruption and the deceit that is required to perpetuate it.

The Moon (the president’s supporters) is happy in its triplicity in Mercury-land, Virgo. They really adore him. A picture of utmost naiveté, at the very least. The Moon is set for an opposition with the one they love: Mercury. Could this indicate they will re-elect him. I think it could. And it also means they will regret it, given the opposition.

It seems that giving crumbs and alms to the poor may pay off in free campaigning during the pandemic while billions from our pockets go to the banks and their CEO’s and stockholders… And make no mistake, that is what Obama did back in 2008. We do not have only a virus, we have an infestation of parasites as well.

An addendum: a relationship made in hell

If someone takes the time to analyze this chart and is able to find something positive about the Moon being in Virgo (exaltation and sign of Mercury) while Mercury is in Pisces conjunct Neptune then the point of that symbology, as explained in the article, is very well proven. Blindness.

The Moon-Mercury relationship is about deceit and being deceived and wholehearted agreement to it. This is primarily about house 12. It is is self-undoing on a level that not many are able to delve into consciously because it shatters the ego if we do. It is where the term “ignorance is bliss” comes from. A penchant for rejecting truth. It all stems from lack of awareness and an inability to broaden awareness significantly in the time allotted in this lifetime.

Those who engage in deceit have not considered yet what is meant by “the truth shall set you free.” They quote the holy scriptures without understanding that truth is one third of what makes us whole and one, along with love and beauty.

Deceitful relationships between authority and servants/followers are relationships made in hell. A disdain for truth that cannot have any outcome other than misery for many while favoring a few. When one is deceived one cannot tell one thing from another and lack of empathy and inflicted suffering seem like a normal thing.


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