The Covid 19 Origin – Where did the virus come from?

This horary question, about the Covid 19 origin, was asked in April 2020. The Pandemic had just burst into the world scene.

There was no way an accurate answer about the origin of Covid 19 could be read from this chart then. The reason was that we did not have accurate contextual information. The little information that came to the surface was quickly obscured by mainstream narratives and second agendas.

Now, after three years and plenty of documented evidence we can. If you have not done your homework yet, go to YouTube and search for “Wuhan Leak” or something to that effect. That will clarify the context. Then come back to this chart for a second read after that.

Let’s begin with, you guessed… the context.


The virus came onto the scene in Wuhan, China
There are open meat markets there
The virus jumped from a bat or a pangolin to a human


The virus escaped from a biotech research lab and infected people

Guess which of the two scenarios above is shown in the chart…


Let’s determine the significator of our favorite bug, the Covid 19 virus.

Viruses are smaller than goats so house 6 it is. Venus, L6, is in Gemini, opposing the ascendant. Very congruent and descriptive. The creature does not do us any good.

Venus however is friendly with Mercury who, by the way, is also friendly with Venus as it is in Venus’ exaltation in Pisces. The wonder of positive Mutual reception! One will do everything it can to help the other…

So, the first question a sane person might ask is: who or what the hell wants to help the virus? We shall see. That is why horary exists.

Being in Pisces places Mercury in its own detriment and fall, that is, in its worst possible place in the entire Zodiac, thus it will behave in the worst possible way in whatever it is engaged in within the context.

Mercury is angular, and being Venus’ dispositor, tells us that not only it is the main agent in the whole drama but also, is responsible for Venus being on the stage where it is.

What could Mercury be? Bats? Pangolins? Cockroaches? Pigs?

I’d go for pigs just based on George Orwell’s depictions of our fictitious society… However, no infected animals were ever found that could justify that theory. So, scenario #1 did not happen.

Don’t take my word for it, go and read and watch the numerous interviews and documentaries by reputable scientists, and read the chart applying basic horary principles.

Let’s cut to the chase and give Mercury to the American government, L10, because we now know the context.

What context?

The US government funneled millions of dollars into many biotech labs around the world to do “collaborative research” on viruses, and “insert” a particular feature into a virus, at the behest of the Pentagon.

The type of research they are engaged in is referred to as “gain-of-function” which means engineering a virus to have a function beyond its natural behavior. In this case… are you sitting down?… To make the virus “infect and spread in humans more efficiently.”

So, the lab and those who work there are the 7th from the 10th, and their significator is Jupiter, who Mercury cozily sextiles with pure imperfect love. They are Mercury’s collaborators or partners.

The fact that Neptune is on that cusp adds insult to injury and suggests a partnership between deceivers, to be polite, and a partnership to be hidden. Whatever they are up to they do not want you and me to know about.

Jupiter is in its fall, conjunct with Pluto, and in the Moon’s detriment. It could not be a better symbol to depict an entity that makes viruses grow with the worst of intentions, that is: to harm people. An apt partner to that nasty Mercury. They are on the same page.

Venus opposes Jupiter by antiscion with negative reception. This is the picture of the Virus leaving the lab.

So, where did Covid originate?

In a lab. Scenario #2.

The icing on the cake: it was financed by the American government.

Cherry on the icing: remember that they were engaged in what is called gain-of-function research at the behest of the Pentagon. That is, in plain English: developing bio-weapons.

Do we know who holds the checkbook and is responsible for financing bio-weapon development labs for the US government?

We do. That charming creature is Dr. Anthony Fauci. Oh, what a coincidence! The same guy that told us a pandemic was coming, back in 2018…. and who was in charge of the response to it when it happened…

Wait!…. this is not Kansas!… I have to rub my eyes… Pinch me, please…

Back to the chart. Fauci is there too. This chart shows the main characters in The Animal Farm…

A learned man who thinks himself to be the pinnacle of wisdom, so L9, the exalted Sun. He is right inside the lab’s second cusp, writing a fat check to them.

Remarkably, the Sun is on the 10th cusp by antiscion. We now know that the Obama administration put a pause on virus gain-of-function research, but Fauci, during the tumultuous Trump administration, reactivated the program by circumventing the White House’s approval process.

Given the degree of deceit, coverup, and damage done, the next question I have is whether this was an accident or intentional. But that is the subject of another chart. For now, I have to make do with the knowledge that I helped pay for the creation of the Covid-19 virus.

George Orwell and Hitler must be doing cartwheels in their tombs, for different reasons…

Covid 19 Origin - Horary

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