The New USA Presidency Prediction. America Back to Normal (2020 -2024).

America Back to Normal

Time for some social commentary. Here is my interpretation of a horary about the gist of what is in store for the USA in the next four years, under Biden's leadership.


The USA is Mars in Aries. A strong country still, no doubt. But retrograde. It most definitely is not going in the right direction after a string of leaders who, in one way or another feed a system of status quo which basically is burying the American Dream deeper and deeper under layers of debt, and now unemployment, while further enriching the rich.

Here, Biden, the new president is signified by the Sun, in mutual reception with Mars. Exactly like the 2016 chart. I have no doubt he loves the USA, and the country, obviously, is under the power of the president to a significant degree.

The question we must ask now is: what can the Sun in house 12 do to “restore America to its pre-Trump glorious Obama days”? (Which is Biden’s philosophy.)

Not much. In fact, a president located in the house of our hidden enemies is, a recipe for abuse of power and copious amounts of lying and downright deceit. Again, this will not be anything out of the ordinary. But the chart is telling us that Biden will emphasize those traits to have his way.

Biden is not about radical change. Biden is a status quo guy, aptly signified by a mildly dignified (face) planet in house 12: he will have a hard time not blowing with the wind to whatever direction his retrograde dispositor dictates.

Bringing things back to “pre-Trump normal” means that very likely another (or the same!) Trump will arise again in 2024 because nothing will be significantly fixed and Biden may get a kick in his ass just as Trump is getting one now.

Is there any evidence in this chart of major needed structural changes to the degree that we desperately need?

No. Quite the opposite.

Look at house 2 in this chart. He will not be able to improve the economy or our basic needs; it will continue shrinking. Clearly indicated by the South Node in that house and by Jupiter being in fall in a sign of Saturn. Even later when Jupiter improves and enters Aquarius it will still be under the restraining influence of Saturn. There is no such thing as “going back to normal” for the economy. How could it? It is built on the basis of a broken system that favors a few while enslaving many. Oh, did I mention Pluto?

The Sun’s next aspect is a sextile with a debilitated Jupiter. A bad aspect for a barely dignified and accidentally debilitated planet. Jupiter will give Biden a beating and Biden will give Jupiter a beating.

What about the people?

Look at the Sun’s reception toward’s the Moon, the American people. The Sun is in its fall. The president will put the people down. Perhaps a milder version of Trump, in that respect, since Trump moved into the Moon’s detriment in the 2016 chart. The people is not his priority at all.

Did I hear anyone say this was a government by the people and for the people?

Here we have a president who, like Trump, will not rule for the people. To anyone who has been paying attention to history that should not be a surprise. Biden will be busy with “more important things”, probably helping the military get into a couple of wars here and there, as he did as a major supporter and fomenter of the Iraq invasion, as a senator, under Bush. Be naive not: Biden, like Obama and Hillary has “warmonger” in his resumé.

If the question was, will Biden be pro-war or against it (like Trump)? Well, The Sun in a Mars’ sign would answer that nicely. As would our eternally belligerent and immature country, Mars retrograde.

Did I mention that Mars is heading to an opposition with Venus? If going back to normal means more wars yes, it looks like we are going back to normal. And we will likely blame  somebody else for the bombs that will fly. Ah, the perks and wonders of being in house 12!…

House 11

Finally, one might wonder what a peregrine Mercury, L11 (the senate,  house of representatives and the multitude of ancillary governmental institutions) is doing inside the 12th cusp while L12 is in their own house, both in the detriment of Mars.

Basic principles: Mercury will do what Venus tells it to do.

— Do you mean represent the people and work for the people’s welfare?

In Disneyland, maybe.

The chart however, is a depiction of the real world, and it is not showing any planet in significant dignities of the Moon. The best there is is Venus in the Moon’s face by reception. That is enough essential dignity to give alms to the Moon. After all, they need us to run their House 12 machinery. “Panem et Circenses”.

House 12

Well, to do a mundane reading and disregard our dear hidden enemies may work well in Disneyland. But out here, these historically notorious planetary placements reek of backroom deals and lobbying which do not favor us or the country as a whole. And Mercury, and the 12th cusp are on Spica, that is, they are well protected. So, we will have more of the same from our beloved representatives as well as from those who feed their bank accounts and whom you or I will likely never see.

Enjoy your champagne if you are a Democrat. While the annoyed republicans prepare for 2024. The hardship is only beginning. Going back to normal is a bad idea to be in the mind of any president at this time in history. We have a good deal of “more of the same” ahead. And a good measure of “worse”.

Not to end on a bad note, there is one silver lining in this chart.

The Moon and Jupiter are now in negative mutual reception by detriment. That is: we basically despise our economy and the economy hurts us. The move into Cancer will come with the exaltation of Jupiter, that is: this bad shrinking economy will have a deeper and stronger impact on the people.

I thought you wanted to end on a positive note!!!

Well, pain is a trigger for change. The Moon in Cancer could show the beginning of a significant number of people coming to their senses and coming together rather than separating into blue, red, black, rainbow or whatever, while harnessing their power, self-respect, and self-love for their own welfare. That would be good because nobody else will do it for the people; least of all our representatives or president who are servants to our hidden enemies, as the chart clearly shows and as history has shown to anyone who has been paying attention.

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