Traditional Medical Astrology – an overview

Traditional Medical Astrology is a specific branch of  Traditional Astrology that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of health issues.

Every object in our perceivable universe is composed of four building blocks called elements (fire, air, water and earth). Our bodies and minds are no exception. Disease arises when an imbalance in those four elements reaches a certain critical level. Too much fire indicates that our body is too hot and too dry, too much earth: too cold and too dry, and so on. That root imbalance will manifest through the weakest parts of our body/mind according to our constitution and history; what we then see are the symptoms of the imbalance both physically and mentally.

A medical horary astrological chart is cast in order to map out the conditions of a living organism and determine whether there is an imbalance present or not and to what extent. Then the practitioner is able to accurately tell what course that imbalance is likely to take if nothing is done about it. Based on that information a treatment to restore balance is devised.that

The Four Elements

In Medical Astrology those four elements are referred to as humors. They are:

element fire

Yellow Choler (fire)


element water

Phlegm (water)


element air

Blood (air)


element earth

Black Choler (earth)


Symptoms vs. Root Cause

Various traits set healing systems such as Traditional Medical Astrology apart from Western allopathic medicine, these will be discussed separately. The main one to be understood from the start is that through a medical horary chart two very distinct facets of a humoral imbalance can be accurately determined: the symptoms, that is — how the imbalance or disease manifests or appears to the observer AND the root cause which gave rise to the symptoms.

With that information in hand the practitioner devises a treatment to both minimize the uncomfortable, painful or life threatening  symptoms AND eradicate the root cause. Treatments that address the symptoms only are often able to suppress them, but since the root cause remains unaddressed the symptoms either return more strongly or new different symptoms arise, thus the body begins to accumulate a collection of illnesses all chained to a central humoral imbalance that was never seen.

A heavy cold is a good general example: the symptom can be an infection, inflammation or fever which is a clear picture of excess of  yellow choler (fire). The root cause however, in most cases, is an excess of phlegm (water) in the body.

How does allopathic medicine address the cold? By killing the infection with antibiotics and reducing the fever. That is, it suppresses the symptoms; but along with that it hinders the body’s natural healing process. Thus the treatment is, in fact, hurting the body and not healing it.

The actual cure in reality involves raising the body’s temperature in order to dry it up and remove the excess of phlegm which caused the imbalance in the first place. This, by the way, the body knows how to do well on its own. The traditional healer would simply assist the process and provide means to reduce the symptomatic discomfort.

Of course there are extreme cases in which the imbalance is so severe that we need antibiotics and fever reducing measures in order to save a life; but those should be the exception.

Treating the root cause of the illness is paramount in true healing. If that is not done chronic diseases develop as aging progresses.

Horary and Natal Charts

The main tool of the contemporary traditional medical astrologer is the horary chart cast for the moment the question about the person who is ill is understood by the astrologer. This gives us a pin-point accurate picture of the current condition of the person’s body.

A second tool is the person’s birth chart. By assessing the birth chart we can determine which types of imbalances a person will be prone to throughout his/her life. The choleric/fiery type will be prone to choleric/fiery illnesses, the phlegmatic type to excess of water illnesses and so on. This assessment of “temperament”, with which each person is born, is invaluable for prevention. It is specially important for children because the parents may know what to expect throughout the child’s growth years until they reach adulthood and are able to take care of themselves.

There is a third method called “decumbiture”; used effectively by doctors/healers who are also astrologers, to map and treat health issues. Decumbiture is an event chart for the moment of “lying down/falling sick” and is usually interpreted along with either 8, 12 or 16 derived charts.

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