When will the La Palma volcano eruption stop?

The symbolism in mundane horary charts is always pretty amazing to me.

The question is about a volcano, so the quesited is L4, the Moon. And, performing double duty here, the Moon also shows the flow of events.

la palma

The Moon is separating from an opposition with Mercury’s antiscion. Mercury, the natural ruler of earthquakes, or “air in the earth”. That is how a dormant mountain of earth (the Moon) became an active volcano.

Plus, Mercury is L6, so it is congruent as a significator accidentally as well as naturally. And, as you will see below, there is a lot of meaningful action taking place in house 6.

The Moon will oppose Mars and the the Sun’s antiscia next so, things will continue bursting hot and dry for some time. The eruptions are not decreasing just yet, quite the contrary there is more to come.

The North Node is on the 4th cusp by antiscion. Yes, things sure are expanding in house 4.

As for symbolism, we have three planets in the exaltation of Saturn, that is: sending Saturn up “upward”, as in sending “rocks” into the air. Saturn is also the ruler of ash, which is raining down on the island. Saturn located high up in the chart in an air sign is very apt. Being retrograde further paints the picture of what goes up must come down, “returning” to the earth.

What else is afflicting House 4?

Well, the place is being covered with lava.

What is lava?

A soft malleable thing that moves like liquid and is blazing hot. Venus in Scorpio. 

Venus is angular and tightly trines the 4th cusp. Venus is not far from Saturn’s antiscion, the natural ruler of solid, hard and dark things. If we look at the images of the place this is a very clear picture of lava flowing and them becoming black and solidified.

The Moon’s journey through Virgo culminates with a Sextile with Venus.

To me, that aspect looks like the description of lava solidifying and beginning the process of plugging the volcano which heralds the end of a volcanic eruption.

The timing technique would have us use days, weeks or months for the possible time units since the Moon is in a succedent house and a mutable sign. (Look up in John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook in case you don’t know the timing technique I am referring to.)

So, assuming the technique will work here, the first major indication that the eruption is stopping will come at about sixteen weeks from the chart date which was October 3, 2021. Or this aspect could well indicate the end of the eruption.

Soon after the sextile the Moon leaves Virgo and becomes ruled by Venus. That cold also show the end of the eruption as Venus will have complete power over the Moon, that is: it will “plug the mountain”. That would give us about twenty-plus time units, plus some possible delay.

The experts say it could last months.

So we may be looking at 16+ or 20+ weeks for the timing.

Let’s wait and see.


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