Why am I so sick?

Querent has severe digestive problems and cannot digest many different types of food, causing severe allergic/immune reactions of various kinds and draining his energy.

I have removed some symbols from the chart in order to focus our attention on the core issues.


Jupiter, a hot-moist planet in a hot-dry sign, indicates there is a humoral imbalance. The nature of that imbalance is given by Jupiter’s dispositor, the Sun, in a cold-moist sign.

The querent has an excess of water in his system; that causes problems with is functions (planets). Too much coldness and moisture.

How does that imbalance manifest functionally?

This is detective work. There’s no way to accurately pinpoint symptoms from a horary chart, or from any chart for that matter. We can however play with the symbpols and the possibilities they may hint at.

In any case, an understanding of the elements’s traits and how they operate is a requirement for such detective work. As follows:

Lack of form. Lack of firmness. Too much fluidity. Lack of energy. Lack of structure. Lack of will or intention. Lack of discrimination or selection. Too much connecting and not enough boundaries.

Natural ruler of the central nervous system: person too sensitive and delicate nervous responses.
Natural ruler of vitality: person lacks energy.

The Sun is also the accidental ruler of the small intestine (L6) in this chart. Where the Moon is. Digestive problem and intestines. Now this gets interesting.

Natural ruler of the immune system and of walls and barriers, which the intestinal wall “filter” is an example of.

Saturn is in a water sign and retrograde and sits in opposition to the 6th cusp by antiscion. Translation: barrier without firmness, with a weak structure, lacking in ability to select, malfunctions and afflicts the small intestine.

What could that mean?

If you have done your homework you are familiar with Leaky-gut Syndrome, which manifests as ultra-permeability of the intestines allowing undesirable particles, including toxins, to be absorbed by the blood stream causing liver overload and a negative feedback cycle between the intestines and the liver via the portal venous system. If you don’t know about this look it up because if you do not have it you probably know someone who does.

The Moon is the accidental ruler of the liver (L5) in this chart. It is separating from an opposition with Saturn’s antiscion with negative mutual reception. This configuration describes exactly such negative feedback symptoms between those two organs.

The querent underwent diagnostic exams and Leaky-gut Syndrome showed up.

The Sun is applying to trine Saturn with negative reception. Translation: more water to the intestines. Bad. The leaky-gut will get worse if not treated.

The picture that emerges from the chart can be used as a confirmation of the technological diagnosis. It demonstrates the humoral cause and main symptoms that must be treated, that is: the excess of water and where the excess of water is more prevalent for this person – vitality and the intestines.

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