Will Hugo Chavez recover from his illness?

The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, is undergoing chemotherapy sessions to fight cancer. He underwent a surgery to remove a tumor from his belly but he did not disclose which organ was operated on.

Will he recover?



As the president of a foreign country he is signified by Venus ? turned 10th from the 9th: radical 6th.

Venus is in its term face and fall in Virgo. Being in Virgo confirms the issue is in his digestive system, being Venus points at the kidneys or pancreas.

The cause of his illness is an excess of yellow choler shown by Venus’ dispositor, Mercury, located in Leo. Venus is also afflicted by the Sun although the Moon is shielding Venus to some degree. What could that shield be?

The Moon rules the turned 10th house of his current treatment. And we have problems.

His cancer is caused by too much fire, hot and dry. The Moon in Virgo is cold and dry. Cold is good, dry is not good for him. The treatment is partly helpful and partly harmful humorally speaking.

A debilitated Mars in its fall is afflicting the treatment house and is directly harming his immune system and liver, Saturn, in his house one. This is happening via a square with negative mutual reception. They are separating, a minor positive sign.

We could also look at Mars as the surgery he just had. Separating from Saturn could indicate the surgery was in the liver, spleen or bladder.

The South Node is on his treatment cusp by antiscion, weakening it. The Moon is combust, ditto. The treatment is very weak. Finally, the Moon is ruled by Mercury, that is, the illness has power over the treatment. And the Moon is in no dignity of Venus, on the contrary, it is in its fall, therefore the treatment harms him. In summary: we have an abundance of testimonies that the treatment will not work and will only harm him.

We can also take notice of the Sun as his L12 of self-undoing. This is not surprising. Running a country and being hyper-active as he is is not conducive of cooling down, which is what his health needs. His self-undoing weakens the treatment. The mutual reception between Mercury and the Sun adds insult to the injury.

Mercury, the illness cause, is conjunct Jupiter by antiscion. Jupiter expands the things it touches. Not good in a cancer situation. We have an indication that the cancer may grow, or spread, possibly through the blood or the nervous system.

As for the prognosis, Mercury being in a fixed sign shows that the illness is not going to subside any time soon, it is here to stay. The Moon makes a conjunction with Venus without any significant positive effects and plenty of negative ones. It then takes the light of Venus to Jupiter, L8. This shows that he will likely die from this illness.

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