Will Steve Jobs recover?

About six weeks ago I read in the news that Steve Jobs had resigned as CEO of Apple for health reasons. He had had Pancreas cancer and had a Liver transplant last year. He was very very thin and looked frail.

So I asked: Will he will recover?

Will Steve Jobs recover?

Steve Jobs is Saturn, L7.

Venus in its fall in Virgo is the the cause of his illness. Venus is the natural ruler of the Pancreas.

Normally we would take Venus to be his liver since it rules most of house 5. But I am inclined to look at Jupiter in his turned 5th as a suitable significator for his liver. It is peregrine, in station about to go retrograde in a fixed sign. Unfortunately his transplanted liver’s condition is bad and will deteriorate further.

His current treatment, Mercury, is peregrine, in station, and harms Saturn by reception; and harms Jupiter by antiscial conjunction. We have an ineffective and harmful treatment. Mercury has power over the Sun, in theory. But the Sun has equal power over Mercury. Not good. Mercury is very debilitated; it has no accidental strength and the Sun has much more power over Venus than Mercury. Not good.

There is no aspects to L8 or turned L8 shown. And if we look ahead we see Venus then enters Libra in positive mutual reception with Saturn. This would normally show a significant improvement in health. But things are not quite normal here.

Venus is in the beginning of its sign. The Sun is a major negative influence in his illness. Venus is combust and will remain so until the end of Virgo so the illness is sticking to its guns for awhile despite being in a mutable sign, which would, in theory, indicate a coming and going. Here it is more like a fixed sign illness. Because of the Sun’s proximity it has no chance to go and come back. It’s here to stay.

Saturn exalted would, at first sight, indicate that his immune system is not in bad shape. But it is afflicted by a square with a very bad angular Mars with negative mutual reception. Mars is also a significator of the immune system (white blood cells). First, this angular Moon in Saturn’s detriment translates the light of Mars to Saturn by a square. Bad. Then Mars squares Saturn. Worse. We have an auto-immune attack.

We do not have an aspect to L8. However, the seriousness of the context and the present and upcoming afflictions do not spell recovery. In an advanced cancer context aspects with negative receptions are enough. And so it proved.

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