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Through this website, I offer articles, in-depth chart interpretations demonstrating traditional astrology in action, and engaging certification courses and webinars. Besides sharing my passion, knowledge, and extensive experience, it’s my mission to bring the ancient wisdom of Traditional Medical Astrology and Traditional Psychological Astrology into practical, everyday use, enriching lives with its insightful teachings.

— Felipe Oliveira, Traditional Astrologer & Astrology Teacher

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Articles and chart interpretations of real cases, showing how Traditional Medical Astrology, Psychological Astrology, and Horary Astrology works. There are also charts on various other subjects, including mundane horary, relationship horary and forensic horary.


I. Z. – Athens, Grece
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Felipe is undeniably a charismatic and insightful astrologer. After completing the Traditional Applied Medical Astrology Course, I must also acknowledge his inspiring and generous virtue as a teacher. He kindly gives you the tools to delineate a horoscope sharply while safely guiding you through the process. His ethics, receptiveness, and wisdom stand him out from the other teachers, transforming the educational process into an extraordinary journey to the metaphysics of traditional astrological art.
A. W. – Melbourne, Australia
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Felipe is very generous with his time and knowledge. He gives you a lot without needing to be asked. And if you ask he gives you more! Very different from my previous teacher who gave me only five charts per lesson and then complained when I wanted to discuss more of my own charts.
P. F. – Porto, Portugal
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Knowing is not the same thing as teaching. Not only is Felipe super knowledgeable and experienced but he has the didactics right. He is able to break subjects down into components and explain things using examples. It makes everything understandable in practice; and studying astrology a pleasure!
A. N. – Chicago, USA
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Felipe knows his stuff. And his teaching style could not be more to the point. Very refreshing.
H. M. – Rotterdam, Netherlands
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I went to Felipe for a consultation and ended up becoming his student. I am so grateful. Now I can keep track of my health on my own and help others too. I have leaned invaluable tools for self-healing.
F. B. – Santiago, Chile
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I am a naturopath and herbalist and always wanted to study astrology. Now with the knowledge and skills I leaned from Felipe I can diagnose and be more accurate in my selection of treating herbs. Plus, being able to look into the prognosis of health conditions is a godsend. I am a better healer now. Thank you, Felipe.

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