Biography of Traditional Astrologer Felipe Oliveira

Felipe Oliveira, Traditional Astrologer and Medical Astrology Teacher

In his early twenties, Astrologer Felipe Oliveira’s desire to find freedom from psychological suffering led him to join and spend eighteen years in a spiritual 4th Way school in the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky tradition.

That gave him access to an objective psychological system with links to Traditional Astrology, and the opportunity to observe the calcification process of the ego as it happened over those years. It also reinforced his interest in the healing of the body and mind, and rekindled his search for tools to uncover truths about our world and about what we often call our ‘selves’, or to be more precise, our ‘personalities’.

In 2005, while perusing the shelves of an esoteric bookstore, a book titled The Real Astrology by the esteemed master John Frawley fell from a shelf onto Oliveira’s left foot. That was the first reminder that in astrology, as in life, pleasure and pain will never go alone and tend to match each other in scope and intensity. Later on, that was confirmed when he discovered that he has the Arabic Part of Spirit and the Arabic Part of Captivity in perfect opposition in his birth chart. Those who follow his astrological work would not be surprised to learn that said opposition is placed in his house 6 – 12 axis.

The astrological journey went on with John Frawley informing Oliveira, around 2010, that he was not taking on new students. So, Frawley sent him to one of his best graduates to get schooled. Oliveira promptly did. Circumstances turned out in a way that his teacher disappeared without a word or trace and eventually, John graciously stepped in and Oliveira received the Horary Craftsman diploma from him.

Around 2012 Oliveira also began studying Medical Astrology with Oscar Hofman, (a graduate of John Frawley), after Hofman did a medical astrology reading for him explaining the ins and outs of his pains. A lightbulb got turned on! The rest is history, as the knowledge and experience he is sharing now, he trusts, is evidence of.

Oliveira thinks Traditional Astrology is fun. Astrological symbolism is nothing short of poetic as he sees in chart after chart in his daily practice. And the fact that it can help people become more conscious and experience less unnecessary suffering is a blessing and a miracle.

Besides being an astrologer Felipe Oliveira is a musician, composer, and producer. His main instrument is the drum set, which is medicine for a choleric and, along with his passion for African music, is healthily apt for a natal Sun-Mars conjunction in an Earth sign.

He occasionally writes poetry. He does Tarot of Marseilles readings; often to supplement horary readings when he hits some limitation in horary. Tarot of Marseilles, he says, like Traditional Astrology, is another gift of communication with guidance and wisdom. He is also a graphic and web designer and computer programmer.

Also, having uncovered the root of psychological suffering, he shares his journey from that most unpleasant state of being to Peace of Spirit. More information can be found by following the link below.

The astute reader may find the potential for some of the aforementioned traits in Oliveira’s birth chart.

traditional astrologer felipe oliveira birth chart

A comprehensive list of the fruits hanging from the Felipe Oliveira tree can be found at felipeoliveira.com.

— Felipe Oliveira


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