Mundane Astrology Horary – 2

Part 2 – In-depth horary interpretations of a selection of horary charts about world events, places, and people from the past, present, and future.
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Horary can enlighten us and peel back the layers that shroud the truth of our world and our responses to it. In a world where misinformation and disinformation run rampant horary astrologers are in a particularly strong position to shed light on the obscure or deceitful.


The three pillars of Horary Astrology: Context, Question, and Technique.

The significators needed in order to answer mundane horary questions. The key roles in the drama unfolding on the world stage.

Back to investigating the biggest life-changing event in recent history, the 911 attack. Who attacked the Pentagon? Was it really an airplane that hit it?

Who did it? Was it Oswald? Was it the CIA? Who ordered it?

Whether one may like or dislike him or his political affiliations he has been a voice against the status quo. An in-depth description of the forces at play and the motivations behind his firing from FOX News.

In theory the WHO exists to keep us healthy, safe and alive. How about in practice? What is its true purpose? Who does it serve?

Who hired the terrorists who opened fire into a crowd in Moscow in 2024?

Where did it come from?

Will humanity decrease in population? If so, how and why?

Did the sphinx have a lion’s head?

We are taught the center of our planet is made of molten metal. Is it?

Will Syria’s Assad regime fall?

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Felipe Oliveira, Traditional Astrologer and Medical Astrology Teacher

Traditional Astrologer Felipe Oliveira

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