Will the covid vaccine help?

Vaccine Help

Before getting into astrology let me disclaim that I am not an anti-vaxer. But we do not need a PhD in virology to conclude that the various types of vaccines out there will have different effects on different people. 

Here are two different charts for similar questions, for two different people who took the Pfizer vaccine.


The querent does not like the idea of taking vaccines. Her husband has just taken his second shot.

QUESTION: will the vaccine protect him? Will there be side effects?

vaccine eddie 1

The husband is Saturn, L7. The vaccine is Venus, the ruler of the turned house 10 from the 7th.

Venus is in its detriment and is in Saturn’s fall.


No, it will not protect him and will produce harmful side effects.

What kind of side effects?

Any related to Saturn or the Sun, both of which are in contact with Venus, by square and by conjunction.

Among the candidates would be: reproductive system, heart, nervous system and immune system. It is not possible to determine for sure.

Why will the vaccine not protect him?

Mercury, the ruler of the turned 6th from the 7th, and the natural ruler of many little things is in a tight sextile with the 7th cusp. Mercury represents the virus which would infect him.

Mercury is in a mutable sign. He will likely not be protected by mutations of the virus.

The fixed star Vindemiatrix is on the turned 10th cusp. Too much is being expected from this vaccine in his case. As the inner planets clearly indicate, it will not do what it is supposed to do. On the contrary, this is a harmful vaccine for him. Pluto near the 7th cusp rubs it in.

His disappointed/defeated wife (Moon in fall) indeed dislikes Venus (Moon in Venus’ detriment) and is about to square Saturn. This looks like: “I told you not to!…..”

Attention! I mean: “in his case”. 

This is not a general question about “a vaccine” for everybody. There is no such thing as “a vaccine” for everybody. There are various vaccines on the market. It is about HIM and HIS (Pfizer) vaccine. It is about what that vaccine will do to this individual person.

If you want to know how you (or any other individual) and the vaccine will get along you have to ask a horary about yourself or that individual.


This is a chart from one of my students. The querent is a nurse and asked the question shortly after being informed that he and his hospital team were scheduled to take the vaccine. Clever.

QUESTION: will I have any adverse-effect from the vaccination? Will it protect me from the virus?

vaccine yannis

The querent is the Sun, L1. The vaccine is Mars, L10.

Mars is in the Sun’s exaltation.


Yes, it will protect him.

Any side effects?

Yes. The Sun is on the cusp of house 6 so it will make him sick.

How sick?

Saturn, L6, is dignified by sign so, not very sick. And indeed, his side effects were mild, so far. He had cramps on the arm and hot flashes in his head (Sun!)


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