Is the Pfizer Vaccine any good?

Pfizer Vaccine

The Pfizer vaccine has been announced to be 90% effective against Covid. Is it going to be any good?

vaccine pfizer

The vaccine is Venus, L10. It is a prophylactic treatment.

Venus is in its own sign. We sure have something good in essence. Nice to see.

Venus is in the exaltation of Saturn (us). The vaccine could not be better signified. So it will bring benefit to us. Excellent.

Hold your horses and don’t pop the champagne just yet!

Mars is opposing the 10th cusp. Whatever Mars is, it strongly opposes the vaccine’s effectiveness. Side effects are obvious. Their nature could be linked to house 4, that is, genetics.

We know that the mRna technology contains nano-robots and extraneous DNA that mess up with our DNA. Saturn being in the exaltation of Mars and Mars being in Saturn’s fall make for an undesirable combination for us.

We should not expect that this will be all roses and should expect undesirable effects.

Mercury, the virus (L6), has just left the rulership of Venus and afflicts the 10th house, switching its “allegiance” to a new dispositor: that bad opposing Mars. This looks like the virus strain they are working with to build the vaccines is already mutating and this vaccine will do nothing against the new mutation.

Also, we have L12, Jupiter, debilitated both essentially and accidentally on Pluto afflicting house one, and really, not far enough from Saturn for comfort. And just to make sure we do not mistake Jupiter’s meaning, we have Saturn on the 12th cusp by antiscion, bringing house 12 into focus.

But Jupiter is a benefic!!!

Not in this chart. Here it is L12. That is, an accidental malefic.

We have to understand and respect the context. Unless we are blinded, or live in Disneyland, the context shows us that this pandemic and anything related to it has been manipulated to benefit special groups at the expanse of the rest of us. Deceit and obscurity have been used in extreme degrees to that end. This type of manifestation constitutes house 12 activity. There is no other house for it. House 12 and its ruler must be analyzed in this chart. (In fact, they must be analyzed in just about any mundane chart, unless we need to assign house 12 to Dumbo.)

Finally, look at the Moon and the flow of events.

It takes Venus to Jupiter and then to Saturn. That is, it emphasizes that Venus’ potential goodness will come with the badness of Jupiter along with it. This vaccine will likely protect from the virus in some degree or form and it will also cause a good deal of harm, including death, since the Sun, L8, is in a close aspect with Jupiter.

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