When are we going to have an effective vaccine for COVID-19?

Covid Vaccine, When?

The Vaccine, our prophylactic treatment, is Venus, L10.

effective vaccine
Venus is in house 6, the house of the virus. That can be taken as descriptive since the vaccine is dependent on the virus. But it can also be a bad testimony out of the bat since L10 is in L6’s sign. Should we stop here?

Let’s see what else the chart shows.

Mercury, the virus, is retrograding into combustion. The virus is going to “disappear”, or die away. The way viruses do that is through herd immunity. This is really nice symbology: the virus was pretty much hidden or invisible, then became a pandemic and eventually will become invisible again: “retrograding into the Sun” – returning to its previous state. Please use relative thinking. This Sun symbology is not literal. The virus will not disappear completely. Like other viruses it will likely hang around but not in a pandemic form. There will be pockets of infections pretty much ad infinitum.
Yet, Venus is retrograde and its antiscion is in close opposition to Jupiter while Venus is in Jupiter’s detriment. That tells us that there already is a vaccine in the works but its effect is an unknown as of yet, while the reception by detriment is not desirable at all.

Does that look like a vaccine which can help Jupiter be healthier?

Not really. Quite the contrary. The South Node is in house 1, spelling an unfavorable outcome for us so far as a vaccine is concerned. Vindemiatrix on the 10th cusp spells an over-stretch regarding the vaccine; we are expecting too much from it and it will not deliver as expected. On the 6th cusp we find the star Alcyone showing an unfavorable outcome regarding that house. The virus will not respond as expected.

Herd Immunity

However, Mercury is ruled by Jupiter by exaltation. The Moon is translating light from Mercury, through Venus’ antiscion to Jupiter by opposition. That is: it takes the Virus into a Vaccine and then takes it to Jupiter. That is the aspect we are asking about. The aspect by opposition shows that their contact is single and final: once Jupiter and Mercury meet they will not meet again. That is, in practice: once you are infected (Mercury) or inoculated (Venus) you are immune. Beautiful symbology for immunity in this opposition.

There is the vaccine, and there is us…

Jupiter is in fall, retrograde and on Pluto. I don’t think I need to describe our physical and psychological state in these times, do I? Plus, the fact that Jupiter also rules house 12 and that Jupiter’s antiscion is not far from the cusp inside the 12th house tells me that Jupiter (us) is part of the problem. Jupiter relies on its dispositor, Saturn: protection, shielding, masks, gloves, the immune system, social distancing. All that is certainly unpleasant, but positive and advisable. Saturn being dignified but retrograde shows that the protective measures are having mixed results since many people simply cannot abide to Saturn’s will gracefully and are not taking the necessary precautions; this is apparent from the spikes in infection in states like Florida and Texas where people have swarmed together since the restrictions have been lifted. This, by the way was already shown to happen in two previous charts: the Initial Pandemic Prediction and the Easing Social Distancing chart.

Who is Jupiter’s best friend here?

Mars. Dignified by triplicity and in mutual reception and close aspect with Jupiter. If only Mars were L10 we would have the picture of a wonderfully effective and benefic vaccine. Well, it isn’t. So our best friend is something other than a vaccine. Mars completes the Moon’s translation of light and kills Mercury. Mars is the natural ruler of that which can kill the virus: leucocytes. So Mars is the end of the line: the co-ruler of our immune system (along with Saturn). Curiously, Mars is also L4: “the end of the matter”. The mutual negative reception between Mars and Mercury and the fact that Mars rules Mercury by triplicity is accurately descriptive of their relationship.

The Moon as the “Flow of Events”

In summary: the virus is made into a vaccine, since that is how vaccines are made, (Mercury to Venus). Then, one of two things happen: Jupiter is inoculated (Venus’ antiscion to Jupiter) or, Jupiter gets infected (Mercury to Jupiter). (It makes no difference which as far as the virus is concerned.) For those who do not die from the infection, in the end, Mercury lands in Mars’ hands, that is: the part of the immune system that kills viruses (leucocytes) (Not Saturn, it is Mars. At this point the immune system is not about protection but about fight to death). So the virus dies by Mars. This goes on with every person until either people die, or they become immune (from infection or vaccination).
Mercury travels two ways: the Moon takes it to Mars, which kills the virus and at the same time it goes back into the Sun, that is: it recedes from the stage as a pandemic. That describes exactly how this or any other epidemic goes. Wonderful symbolism!

Effective vaccine?

This chart is the picture of eventual herd immunity. Although the chart shows there may be a vaccine released its impact will be limited and/or will be outright detrimental to our health, which may equate with not having a vaccine at all. This potential vaccine release does not look “effective” to me.


Assuming the authorities will release a vaccine that is harmful then the timing must be given by the Moon opposing Jupiter, carrying the light of Venus (antiscion). Cardinal sign in an angular house. Time units: days, weeks and months. Medium time unit. A little less than 14 degrees for the opposition to perfect. So, in about 14 weeks. Today is June 30, 2020. Although some experts would probably put this into the 14 months timeframe. We will have to wait and see.
It is also possible that they will not release it at all because the vaccine is not effective or stable and produces undesirable reactions. And we are simply left with good old Saturn and Mars to help us.

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