Easing social-distancing too soon? What will happen?

Easing Social Distancing

What will happen?


We, Americans, are Mercury. We feel bad, undignified, debilitated. All very literal. Longing to be social again (house 7) but imprisoned by our dispositor, Jupiter who is beholden to Saturn.

We are contracted and restricted by Saturn via Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter has no wish to expand. But it will perform the little expansion it can do as per Saturn’s wish as in: spread the virus and go out to the supermarket or the pharmacy, no more.

We want to get out of this Pisces situation. We are impatient and naive and immature, as Mercury, the young, demands. There is too much water and passiveness here I want movement and fire. 

Mercury is conjunct the fixed star Scheat. This star has a vibe similar to Vindemiatrix in the sense of “overestimation of one’s powers”. Mercury thinks it can handle abandoning social-distancing, but while there will be a renewed energy the roses will not be all petals. It will be pretty thorny.

On the other hand the president has a problem called Venus. L2, the USA economy, sitting inside his house. The economy is getting over-stretched; aptly hinted at by Vindemiatrix on the 2nd cusp.

Venus and Mercury are in strong positive mutual reception showing with such clarity the interpendence between us and the economy. We move as one.

The president is antsy to restart the economy, so for restart we have Aldebaran on the MC.

Mercury is taken. The president is the ruler of the next sign from the 10th cusp. The Moon.

The Moon is at 1 degree of a new sign. The president has already decided to ease social-distancing, it is only a matter of when.

The president, a short while ago, was horrified and feeling bad himself by the economy as a Moon in fall in the detriment of Venus would be. He felt bad in the sign of Mars in the house of or daily routine (house 3) which is upset by Saturn, the pandemic (L6) as the network of dispositors perfectly describes here. The Venus-Mars trine aptly depicts the intrinsic link between the economy and our daily routines. Both peregrine and our routine at the mercy of Saturn.

The president now in Sagittarius says: let’s expand, let’s set Mercury free to work and do Jupiter’s work of growth. That makes me feel better, as my fall is behind me now. Pay attention to the receptions. Bad for Mercury.

The Moon, the president, is now dealing with the pandemic head on, as shown by the separating Moon-Saturn sextile of imperfect love. It then translates light from Saturn easily (trine) to Venus, the economy by opposition. That is he takes the limitations of the pandemic and delivers it to the economy.

So, Mercury will take social distancing laxity with open arms, and send the mutual reception with Venus to the dogs. It is ready to jump into the fire of Aries and begin again in the first Sign of the zodiac. In the sign of Mars, the ruler of house 3 of our daily routines, which we are dying to go back to.

But alas, just as we go about it we meet Saturn, L6, right at the beginning of our new adventure. Another case of imperfect love.

It looks like there will be a surge in infection numbers, which is not unnatural. More exposure more infections. This, by the way, is shown in my first Coronavirus chart as a second wave of restriction.


The Sun, our L12 of self-undoing, is on the ascendant by antiscion, showing unawareness of self-harm, which rules Mercury by exaltation when it moves into Aries. The antiscion points at the fact that we do not have a clue about the harm we are going to cause ourselves if the decision of easing social-distancing is put into effect too soon. Because of our impatience (The Sun) and the lack of appropriate and timely support by the government (Moon in Mercury’s detriment).

What about in terms of the economy? Will easing social-distancing help?

The next thing that happens to Venus is not a trine with Mars which would indicate the economy and the renewed activity and routine (L3) might connect and work together. The trine never happens. And there are no favorable receptions anyway. The new routine does nothing for the economy, and vice versa. I think the accurate technical term is “stuck”. Venus is losing speed and will turn retrograde. The economy is slowing down further next. A literal testimony. We are on a downhill slide. There is no uphill insight for now. This reeks of huge unemployment numbers and extended economic hardship for the lower classes.

Venus instead is sextiled by Mercury, in yet a third instance of imperfect love, with negative reception by detriment. This has the character of strong rejection and dislike by Mercury. We will be very displeased with the economy for the foreseeable future.

Not a pretty story.

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