Covid 19 Astrology Prediction – February 2020

Covid Virus

Will Coronavirus spread or be contained? The question was asked by an American on February 26, 2020.

coronavirus 1

Are we in a strong position to deal with the outbreak?

Venus, L1, is “us”. Venus is in detriment. So, no.

Mars, Venus’ dispositor, is angular, therefore a strong player in the situation. Notice the position of Fortuna in house 2, pointing at a layer beneath the question. L2, Mars, is the air we breathe. (Given the context).

Jupiter, L6, is the virus outbreak. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the lungs and exalts Mars, the air we breathe. Jupiter expands. Fitting.

Venus is separating from a square with Jupiter confirming that the outbreak has already started.

The Moon shows the flow of events. It translates light from Mars (the air we breathe) to Jupiter; that is, the air gets contaminated and then it conjoins Venus. Not good. It already met Jupiter and next, it will meet it again.

The answer to the question is: the virus will spread.

Then the Moon takes Venus to Saturn, and later Venus squares Saturn herself.

Saturn is the end of the line of affliction. It has power over Mars as well as Jupiter. That could be good. Perhaps a vaccine will come up later on or the measures of containment will pay off at some point. But not before we have a big problem to deal with.

Saturn is the ruler of limitation and confinement and although it is in its own sign, which is a blessing, it is conjunct Pluto; it is tainted. There will be some containment but it will be less than ideal and will happen after the outbreak has already grown significantly. We have a situation that will cause much trouble before anything gets better.

After all of this mess in Aries, Venus will enter its sign: Taurus. That will be the end of the outbreak. We could time it to see how it unfolds.

Venus is about 8 degrees from Taurus. TIMING: cardinal + angular = medium. TIME UNITS: weeks, months, and years, or days, weeks, and months.

However, take a look at the Ebola chart, which showed an outbreak coming and going in the “weeks” time scale. Ten weeks or so, I am not sure. And that chart showed “immediate recovery”. There were no afflictions before Mercury left its sign.

Here we have a lot of affliction before Venus leaves its sign. So, just from the context (and the knowledge from the Ebola chart), I would push the time scale to months, rather than weeks. Sadly.

So it could be about 8 months before we can see any light at the end of the tunnel. If in about 8 weeks from the time the chart was cast (Feb 26), we do not see significant improvement and containment we will probably be dealing with months.

Transmission control (The Sun)

Venus is on the 12th cusp by antiscion and L12, Mercury, is on the 6th cusp, indicating that much trouble will come through inadvisable habits given the context. To put it simply: contact with infected people.

The Sun is a major player here. It is L11, the 2nd from the 10th: the entities supporting the authorities/government. In this context, it means the WHO or CDC in the USA. Each country will have its own disease-control governmental entity.

In the USA, for example, the CDC is advising the population in a number of ways on how to minimize the transmission of the virus.

Mercury is the natural ruler of transmission. So, here we have Mercury (transmission by wrong habits, L12) in combustion. That is, the Sun has a measure of power over the transmission. That is a good thing and is a symbolic description of the term “flattening the curve” in relation to an epidemic.

However, what is not good is that the Sun is peregrine and is afflicted by a very debilitated Mercury who is in no dignity of the Sun. Notice that Venus is ruled by the Sun by exaltation. In fact, they are in mutual reception by exaltation. This is a sharp description of what is happening: the population relies heavily on help from the CDC about what to do; which is natural, yet unfortunate to a degree because the CDC is not in good shape. And the CDC relies on people (Venus in detriment) behaving properly, that is avoiding social contact, which is very difficult or impossible in many cases. In summary, the CDC is no doubt doing its best but the reality is that it is ill-prepared to deal with the situation. We will be able to observe this with more clarity as the number of infection cases grows and how the healthcare system is able to cope with it. The healthcare systems in some countries are already overwhelmed.

Preparation (The Moon)

Ultimately, it is the governments/authorities that are responsible for our ability or inability to deal with a pandemic; and in this case, it is being proven day by day that there were no preparations at all for such a pandemic by just about any government around the world; there has been no investment in proper prophylactic health care systems. We have spent our money on wars and making the super-rich richer. The way this pandemic is being dealt with is a direct consequence of previous negligence by the rulers, who indeed, do not rule for the people. This is remarkably shown in the chart by the Moon (L10) being peregrine and in Venus’ detriment. The government is stumbling along and learning as it goes like a good peregrine planet, and Venus is paying the price. There could be a no worse translator of light.

A second wave?

There is a disturbing feature about the flow of events in this chart. (Update on April 6, 2020)

The Moon (government) takes Venus to Saturn. That is: it imposes directives to restrict peoples’ social contact. Very well. But Saturn is on Pluto, so the restriction and restraint will not fully function, it will be tainted. This is clearly shown by the fact that both Venus and the Moon are Saturn’s fall – neither the people nor the government wants the restriction of Saturn so they will reject it to a significant degree.

Then, after that ToL, Venus will square Saturn on its own. That is: it will be restricted a second time.

This is the picture of either social distancing being lifted too early by the government and/or people simply not obeying it and thus the pandemic will last longer because of new waves of infection through renewed social contact. Thus, a new wave of restriction will be required.

Let’s hope not. But at this point, after a string of bad decisions, misinformation, misguidance, red tape, and delays from the government in dealing with the pandemic, I am beginning to think this is rather plausible. (End of update.)

Some extra points:

Notice the activity in house 4: the lungs. The South Node is on its cusp and conjunct Mars. Very afflicted.

Venus is conjunct with the star Baten Kaitos whose gist is “imposed limitation”, which is exactly what we will have to do to avoid exposure.

A fellow astrologer commented that the Arabic Part of Death is opposing Venus and the Arabic Part of Treachery is opposing the Moon.

That does not surprise me and is an illustration of how a horary chart paints the situation on various levels, not only on the level considered by the querent. Charts often go deeper and/or broader and show some surrounding themes via Arabic Parts.

We know that death is in the spotlight in a lot of people’s minds now. As for treachery, in my mind, it could only be connected with people profiteering economically or politically from the outbreak or being negligent in positions of power. That equals treachery. Evidence is already showing that that is happening.both

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