Prognosis – A Picture of Life Ending

Prognosis of Life Ending

The querent received a phone call informing him his father, age 94, was taken ill to hospital.

He was found to have ingested food into the wrong duct and the food ended down in his lungs. Question: What is my father's state of health? Has his time arrived?

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Let’s see his state of health first.

The father, Venus (L4) is at the end of a sign under the rulership of the Sun, which is in Virgo, so an excess of coldness and dryness is present in his condition.

The Sun is the significator of his lungs as it rules Leo which occupies most of the turned house 4. We have “earth in the lungs”. Which is definitely the wrong element to be in an organ where its opposite, Air, should be.

Just by these two significators and their locations, we see that the chart is talking about death. Venus is a few degrees from entering its fall. That shows his condition will deteriorate. Context: he is 94 and will not improve. The fall happens in an earth sign which is where the 8th cusp is. We have “falling into earth”. Is there a more apt picture of someone going “to ashes” or “being buried”?

Well, onwards for more symbolism.

He is being treated in hospital. Whatever procedure they are performing with the intention of healing him is doing the opposite. Saturn, L10 of treatment, is in Venus’ detriment, sitting tightly in opposition to the father’s cusp. Saturn, the gravedigger, is aptly doing its work.

What about Mars?

Mars is the father’s ruler of self-harm or self-undoing, turned L12. After all, he choked in his own food. A prime example of a house 12 matter. That is why he is in hospital now. The South Node right inside the turned 12th cusp highlights the case, spelling: “expect trouble from this house”.

The Sun, the cold and dry lungs, is right on that same cusp by antiscion; linking the workings of the two houses.

The querent, the Moon, is warned. There is no emotional happiness in this situation in sight. In its early detriment inside the radical 12 house.

Also, the Moon is translating light from Venus, late in Leo, to radical L8, Mercury.

He passed away two days after the chart was cast. Accurately shown here by a fast Venus exiting its sign in a little over two degrees.

Some final details:

We see that Venus is on the fixed star Alfard which, among its various interpretations, is associated with “death by drowning, poison or asphyxiation”, which is very much in line with what happened.

And Mars is on the star Unukalhai, whose meaning is associated with death; which is what his choking (L12) did to him.

Finally, Fortuna; discreetly showing us the gist of the question

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