Should I do the Ayahuasca Session?


Querent: I am suffering emotionally and I was advised to do an Ayahuasca session with the shaman MA (initials) to help release energetic blocks. Should I do it?

ayahuasca session

Mercury is both L7 and L10. There is a distinction in the interpretation.

As L7 in the first house is positive. We have a Shaman that is totally on your side, literally. He definitely has your goodness at heart. It matters not that Mercury is in its detriment because this is a house-7/10-related question it is inevitable that L7 will be in its detriment in the querent’s house. So, well-intentioned shaman. Good or bad? We do not know.

As L10 we have to take essential dignity into consideration. Detriment is not good. It has no quality to impart to the querent. So, the therapeutic effect of the session will not produce the desired result, if any of significance.

Add to that the star Alcyone on the 7th cusp and we have an indication of lots of tears shed for nothing. Further, the South Node is on the ascendant and Jupiter by antiscion. The experience will be constricting rather than expanding. Not a nice thing for psychic/spiritually related therapy.

The Moon in Scorpio very much depicts the querent’s emotional state. And it is about to leave Scorpio and house 12. She will feel better soon, just by the natural flow of events. There will be no need for drastic interventions.

Jupiter at zero degrees Sagittarius already shows an inner improvement of mental state: out of house 12 and out of the rulership of L12. And its location in house 1 shows a natural aversion to engaging the Shaman’s help and therapy, by reception.

Mercury on the Star Antares rubs in the notion that nothing will begin as regards this therapy.

We have an abundance of testimonies for not doing the therapy.

The querent reported a week or so after the reading: “the dark cloud has simply lifted and I indeed feel a lot better and can see things much more clearly. I feel no need to pursue therapy of any kind right now.”


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