Astrology, Myths and Theology

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Question: Something that seems pertinent is an emphasis on the theology and mythology of the planets, signs, and astrology in general.

Do you have any guidance on where I could begin reading about those topics? This knowledge seems essential to truly understanding charts and consistently making sound judgments.


If we wish to study the psyche the myths are very important. They are an integral part of astrology.

As for theology, personally, I no longer feel the need to entertain the concept of God. I like studying the psyche and metaphysics, and my astrology works well without the concept of god.

In my view, the concept of god is not a condition for the use of astrology, unless, of course, the inquiry is about god. And if one has a personal preference for including it in one’s studies and thought process one is certainly free to do so, and see how it relates and helps, or not.

Question: Are you an atheist?

An atheist entertains an idea of god and then disagrees with it. The atheist believes god does not exist while the believer believes it exists. It is all in the mind. They are two sides of the same mental-emotional phenomenon: belief. There is no absolute truth in either and those beliefs require that the person be perceived as separate from God. I do not hold either of those beliefs. Belief is not compulsory. The mind can operate without beliefs of that type.

Nevertheless, I have to say that astrology can have the effect of producing awe; of the kind that makes us question what we think we know. 

Astrology is capable of demonstrating that there are laws governing our psyche and the world that are beyond what materialistic scientific logic can fathom, and thus can bring a sense of “godliness” to life, or a sense of “there is something bigger than me”.

However, the concept of god, I have seen, can bias astrology. For example: I have read somewhere a mention that death means “going back to god” therefore a funeral is a house 9 matter.

That conclusion is based on belief, not based on the understanding of the essence of a house and the essence of the phenomenon ascribed to that house. I wrote an article about what house a funeral belongs to in order to clarify this point.

I think we have to be extra cautious not to let our beliefs bias astrology. It can be difficult, but worth paying attention to.

As far as the myths are concerned, they help us tap into deeper and specific areas of the psyche and human experience in general. 

In the study of the psyche the myths will reveal the essential theme of the experience being investigated. And if the concept of god, or the search for god, or the experience (insight) of truly “Understanding” god, is part of what is being investigated then there will be a myth or symbol to depict that experience or state of mind.

The astrologer can thus interpret how that experience or state applies to the querent’s or native’s life challenges, fears, desires, beliefs and hopes; and his/her possible/likely future.

I wrote an article titled Astrology and Enlightenment elaborating on what could be the closest thing to the idea of god which can be investigated using astrology.

For the myths, I highly recommend any material John Frawley has published on the “Fixed Stars” and several of his audio materials.

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