To What House Does a Funeral Belong to?

What is a funeral?

It is an event about the death of a person connected to us.

What is the death of that person to those who are compelled to have a funeral?

An unpleasant event.

Unpleasant, difficult, painful, harsh things that happen to us (“the slings and arrows of life” that come our way, be them physical or emotional) are a house 6 matter.

Therefore a funeral is a house 6 matter. That is the essence of a funeral. There would not be a funeral had not that “bad” thing happened.

A ceremony, a ritual, a celebration, a burial, a cremation, going to god, or going to hell, or meeting 88 virgins, are all secondary facets of the essential fact that there a funeral  because something not nice happened, that is: our friend, relative, whoever, died.

House 6.

Funeral - House-6

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