Medical Astrology Diagnosis – Birth Temperament

Astrology Birth Temperament

Medical astrology diagnosis and treatment based on birth chart is not advisable.

This article is overdue. I have seen a certain problem numerous times over the years.

And recently it happened again that a client contacted me telling me that some astrologer gave her a diagnosis and treatment based on her birth chart temperament.

The, no doubt well intentioned, astrologer told her she is a choleric and went on to prescribe all kinds of anti-yellow choler measures to “heal” her.

We should not diagnose based on the birth chart.

The birth chart shows the basic constitution, the temperament and the proclivities of that constitution and temperament. Logically.

How things will develop over time and the type of humoral imbalance that will show up in the life is a completely different story. We simply cannot predict that from a birth chart. You may be a choleric and have a huge excess of water manifesting as a cold or pneumonia in Winter. So if you apply the choleric idea to that person’s condition you may well kill her.

Here is one article exemplifying how misused medical astrological knowledge can kill: Sympathy for the Devil – When Traditional Medicine Goes Wrong.

That’s a blatant extreme example. Having said that, most of the humoral imbalances people develop, to the degree that leads them to consult an astrologer to figure out what is happening, are in line with the birth temperament.

So, the choleric will likely have anger issues, or skin rashes, and burnouts. The melancholic will get depression and arthritis. The phlegmatic or sanguine will keep twisting their ankles at every opportunity, etc.

But that is NOT ALWAYS the case. So, the fact that “it is not always the case” alone should be enough reason for our dear colleagues not to prescribe based on the natal chart alone.

My latest exceptional case is a choleric with a significant excess of black choler. She had to spend time, money and aggravation with an astrologer who made a basic mistake.

So, how is it done? How do we diagnose and treat using astrology?

Using horary. Only horary can produce a humoral diagnosis of the PRESENT health condition of a living creature.

But, but….

No but. Only horary. (And decumbiture IF the astrologer has the proper training and proper context of application.)

If you really want to help people heal, do the world a favor and stop diagnosing using the natal chart. If you get it right it is because statistical luck can be on your side, as explained above; it is NOT because of correct knowledge or correct technique.

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