COVID-19 and Children – a Virus Mutation

Virus Mutation

It was reported two days ago that some infants were affected by Coronavirus in New York.

Why is it affecting them? What do they have in common?

covid children

The children are signified by Mercury, the ruler of the 5th house.

What afflicts them?

The Sun, the ruler of the 4th house of hereditary influence, trines the 5th cusp.

Mercury’s last aspect was with Saturn retrograde, the ruler of the 4th house from the fifth showing the hereditary influence is with the lungs themselves and/or their immune systems (by natural rulership).

Mars, radical L6, is the virus itself. It is angular and has just left the rulership of Saturn, that is: Saturn, the immune system, could handle Mars before. Now it no longer can. Mars entered Mercury’s detriment while entering mutual reception with Jupiter, the ruler of expansion. Being at zero degree and being in a mutable sign tell the same story: a change, a mutation and mutability itself.

This is the picture of a virus mutation that is no longer defended against by the children’s immune system. And probably a bunch of adults’ too. The children are likely simply sticking out as the indication of the presence of a new virus strain.

Mars is conjunct Fortuna pointing at the core of the inquiry: a virus mutation.


There have been mentions that this issue may be linked to vaccination. Does the chart say anything about that?

It does indeed. We have the Moon, turned L10 from the 5th (the children’s treatment), separating from a trine with Mercury indicating a past treatment. Venus, the turned L8 from the children, that is the children’s death, is on the turned 10th cusp by antiscion, linking their death with their treatment in a “hidden or unseen way”.

How do we know this is the vaccine and not some other treatment?

I cannot know 100% for sure. I am not the treating doctor or a researcher. I have no idea what kind of treatment those children received. However, the Moon being is Saturn’s sign is a perfect description of a treatment designed to support the Immune system or to “protect”. Which is what a vaccine is about.

So, I’d say the link to vaccines is more than plausible based on this chart.

Answer to the inquiry:

The children have a congenital trait that makes them susceptible to a new variant of the virus. And the link to previous vaccination is strongly hinted at.

This is public utility information. Someone, please get this information to the doctors and researchers.

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