The Covid 19 Pandemic Prognosis and the Winter Season

Covid Pandemic and Winter

Time for a mundane horary chart about the health of our planet.

Back in February 2020 when we were wondering whether the pandemic was just "a little flu" that would last a few weeks I cast a horary asking about it.

The prediction was that it would last much longer. And so it proved. The pandemic has developed as predicted, like clockwork.

So, given the fact that over one year later we are all still scrambling to control the virus, and that infections are rising even among vaccinated people due to virus variants and ineffective vaccines, I asked another horary now in order to know where we are with this pandemic thing.

Are things getting better and are we returning to normal? What can the chart tell us about the effectiveness of vaccines and the coming Winter in the Northern hemisphere? Will the vaccines curb the pandemic?

For those who do not remember or never read it, here is a link to that horary from early 2020: https://traditionalmedicalastrology.org/will-coronavirus-spread-or-be-contained/

And here is the chart for July 2021.

pandemic course

The question was framed about the coming Winter season and vaccines.

Mercury, L1, is “us”, meaning the inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere. The change of seasons is depicted beautifully in the chart. Let’s see how Mercury will fare with that change.

Mercury is in an air sign. Out in the open doing what Mercury does best: connecting with others and the world. So, we are socially happier now than a few months ago. The vaccine seems to be working and we are out and about… or is it working? The chart will tell what is up with the vaccine too, rest assured.

Mercury is at 28 degrees of its happy mutable airy trip, which is coming to an end. It will enter the cold and moist season of Winter, depicted by its movement into Cancer.

Oh, oh. It loses its dignity.

Of course, Merc’s thing is Air here. The air is gone in Cancer. So it becomes cold and moist. It becomes peregrine in the exaltation of Jupiter, the pandemic. And then, does it somehow dodge the virus or hides from it?

No. In the second degree of Cancer Mercury trines Jupiter, L6. The virus. With the worst possible reception from Jupiter towards Mercury.

In summary, there will be a significant wave of new infections in Winter. That is to be expected, right? We’ve known this since childhood. Winter, is bad.

But it is a trine so it is good!

Wait a minute! Close the book and look at the context, please. There is nothing good in an encounter with L6 in a question about L6. In fact, an opposition would be the best because it would indicate the last encounter and that they would not meet again. But no, here we are comfortably and easily slipping into another wave of infections, as a trine indicates.

We are getting into the groove of all things pandemic. It is here to stay longer than we ever thought it would. And this chart is telling us it will stay even longer. It is becoming normal.

What is new now, however, is that there is no good cure for the many troubles this virus brings about. And people are relying heavily on vaccines.

So what is the story with vaccines? Are they the god-sent miracle we have been praying for?

The Moon is the vaccine as it rules the next sign from the 10th and Mercury is busy being “us”.

There are a few salient things about this vaccine here. First, it is dignified by sign. I hear: good!

Well, good for what? Let’s read the chart and look at the dispositors and interpret their meaning.

What does the Moon have power over? The only planet is the Sun, who also has a measure of power over the Moon by proximity. The Moon has no power over Jupiter, the virus. It is the other way around: Jupiter has power over the Moon by exaltation, which is more than significant. What does that mean in the real world?

It means that the vaccine does not work to protect most people against this Jupiter virus. It could protect against the Sun only, but not Jupiter. Whatever this peregrine Sun means it is also under the power of Jupiter and it afflicts house 10. Not good. We have a problematic house 10.

But the Moon will also have power over Mercury once it enters Cancer, in Winter! That is good!

It is only as good as Jupiter lets it be good. And Jupiter is not in that business. The vaccine will not stop what is coming.

But let us not blame the vaccine alone. There is another culprit for our predicament. What could that be? The devil? Aliens? The secret government? Supernatural forces with a grudge against humans? God having a bad day at work?

Maybe. But there is something more immediate that humans insist on remaining unconscious of.

Mercury also rules the 12th house. That is: we are our own hidden enemies.

So, self-undoing in various forms plays a major part in this. Such as, lax social distancing, stopping using masks and hygiene, ignorance and ignorant skepticism, wishful thinking, naivete, impatience, lack of empathy and emotional immaturity, and plain self-centeredness, etc… The list of reasons why we are being spanked by a minuscule creature is long.

For those few for whom the vaccine does work, but have decided not to be vaccinated, it will be too late to be vaccinated in Winter. Jupiter and Mercury meet right at the beginning, so many people who could be protected will fall ill.

Ok. Then what?

Jupiter enters the sign of Saturn so it gets weakened after Winter – after the unpleasant meeting with Mercury. Aquarius means a new cycle of restriction, masks, lockdowns, and all things Saturn come into play because of the new virus infection wave.

Will Saturn put some reins on Jupiter?

It sure will. But not to the optimal degree. Saturn is retrograde and not strong accidentally. The fact that Mercury will enter Saturn’s detriment in Cancer is no surprise. A bunch of unhappy people about what Saturn means in their lives and who will reject Saturn at the first opportunity. Did I mention we are immature and naive? Mercury vs. Saturn.

Answering the questions asked:

Overall, be prepared for another wave of infections in Winter and for significant challenges regarding ineffective vaccines. This is not over and will not be over this year.

Nevertheless, Jupiter exiting Pisces into Aquarius can be seen as a good testimony. The pandemic could begin to subside after next Winter.

I would refrain from timing from this chart because I did not ask about timing.

But I will not be surprised if the timing is about one and a half years from now for the pandemic to be declared over. That, by the way, is about the timeframe the scientists told us this would last from the very beginning.

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