Decision making with Traditional Medical Astrology

Decision-making With Medical Astrology

One difficulty some people encounter in understanding or even accepting medical astrology is due to the "astrology" part itself.

They simply cannot grasp the fact that a map of planetary positions can possibly reflect any truth about the state of affairs of their lives.

They say they don’t believe in it. As if belief was at all necessary.

Traditional Astrology has nothing to do with belief. It only shows the picture of the subject being investigated. All we have to do is observe and see if the picture corresponds with reality or not. Anyone who looks without being hindered by beliefs or preconceptions will see the picture. In this sense Traditional Astrology is very much a science ? there is nothing ambiguous about what it reveals.

When the interpretation of a medical chart shows that an illness is acute and will subside soon we shall soon see that that’s the case. If it says the illness is serious but there’s no need to fear imminent death we indeed do not need to fear imminent death. Likewise, when the chart shows death is around the corner we will be wise to set our worldly affairs in order and be ready to say goodbye to our loved ones for die we very likely will.

Other types of medical approaches, specially Western allopathy, paradoxically draw patients heavily into belief. We follow treatments (sometimes serious interventions) without a clue about the actual quality of the intervention itself or the quality of the practitioner him/herself. Traditional Astrology however can accurately tell us whether the treatment we are undergoing (or thinking of undergoing) is helping or harming us.

Traditional Astrology also can tell us if the surgeon or doctor responsible for our health knows what he is doing or not. So, in summary, without astrology we have to rely on instinct (which actually malfunctions or does not function at all in most people), or rely on the belief that what we are doing is a good thing and then hope all will be well. For acute and mild health problems unheeded instinct or bad knowledge may not be a big deal — you feel some discomfort and then it’s gone and you are back to a more-or-less normal life. But for chronic conditions or serious interventions such as surgery or heavy exams Traditional Astrology can be an invaluable and important asset in decision making.

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