Is God House 9?

Thoughts on astrology and the most biased concept in history: "god".

I will borrow a concept from a famous spiritual teacher to attempt to convey my perspective.

That teacher allegedly said, “God is omnipresence.”

That is, God is present everywhere and at all times. Everywhere, means everywhere! There is not a place or time where God is not.

That alone can offer a moment of pause and reflection to any believer to ask where “I” fit in this picture. I have articles dealing with that crucial point of the spiritual path on my other website so I will not digress further on that here. (Link at the bottom of this article.)

So, assuming that teacher was correct, then God is not house 9. 

God is all 12 houses. God is the entire chart and the totality of all charts in existence, as well as all charts that do not exist, never existed, or will never exist. God is the entirety of Earth, the planets the stars, and everything else you can perceive and conceive. I hate to repeat like a parrot but “God is omnipresence”.

House 9 is the house that represents the concept of god, as well as the experience of “Perceiving” God, or Insight into God, regardless of what God really is.

The concept of God is a type of specialized or higher knowledge, and the “perception” or “experience” of God is a special type of “journey” or higher experience; both of which exemplify the essence of house 9.

So, those phenomena can be studied and, when they are present in a person’s life, will appear in return charts, progressions, as well as horary, if anyone cares to ask.

This is not rhetorical. If what that teacher is hinting at is embodied his core lesson will have been learned and there will be no need for the concept of god, religion, or teachers, and we will live in peace and harmony as what we Truly Are, in Truth, Love, and Beauty.

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