João de Deus – the Fallen Spiritual Healer

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This is a chart inquiring about the situation of the famous (now infamous) Brazilian spiritual healer João de Deus.

He was arrested in December 2018 for allegedly sexually abusing women. And more recently he has also been accused of other transgressions, which I will address later in this article.

joao de deus 1

João is not directly related to the querent so he is L7, Mars. The women are his turned L7, that is, radical L1, aptly signified by Venus, the natural ruler of women.

To start with, the chart shows a separating sextile between Venus and Mars demonstrating that yes, there has been contacting between him and the women who are accusing him. Remember that a sextile is referred to as “imperfect love”. Let’s see.

What is not quite perfect in this sextile?

Venus is conjunct Saturn, L10, clearly showing they went to see João primarily for treatment. However, as is all too common in such patient-healer or disciple-priest situations, they put João on a pedestal and submit to him, aptly shown by Venus exalting Mars, giving him power over Venus.

What should a healer’s primary concern be?

His/her patient’s welfare, obviously.

Sadly, here we see Mars in its own sign, showing that his primary concern is himself. Given the context, his concern for satisfying his own desires. Notice that L7 is in its own house, that is: he did not need to go out of his way to meet these women, they exalt him and came right into his “home”, as did a multitude of women over the years. Mars is in negative reception towards Venus causing Venus harm.

Saturn is on Pluto whose myth speaks of the abduction of a woman. We have a picture of a treatment tainted by a man whose physical urges, desires and attachments still run wild and by women who misplaced their trust and affection.

If that was not enough, look at the sequence of events:

The women stood in line to see João: Venus sextiled Mars. The next event was a conjunction with the Sun, the natural ruler of men or “males” by antiscion. That is hidden sex with a male.

That pretty much corroborates the description of the original accusations.

But, there may be more.

Recently, further accusations were made against him about his getting women in captivity pregnant and selling the babies on the black market. Is there anything in this chart that could depict such a thing? I’m not going to interpret in detail but will simply point out the symbols:

Venus conjunct Saturn in Saturn’s sign = “women in captivity”.
Sun conjunct Venus by antiscion = “hidden sex/impregnation, as the Sun is L5, children”.
Dignified Sun in house 8 (the turned house 2 from João). That is: “babies positively influence his finances”.

Personally, I do not take these recent accusations as seriously, as far as interpreting this chart is concerned. I am simply playing with the symbology, which is quite spooky though.

The whole situation is unbelievable to some and despicable to others. To the querent, it is clearly despicable, shown by the Moon being in Mars’ detriment in the sign of Venus in L1’s house. The fact that it is separating from a sextile with Saturn speaks of the fact that the querent has been to a treatment session with João in the past.

The fact is that the drama of the powerful healer or priest satisfying him/herself at the expense of the weak is very common. Consider, hundreds of women parading before João in one day. It is like choosing from a menu! He looked each one of those women in the eye. How skilled can a spiritual healer be in spotting the weakest women among them all? Especially those who are “dying” to receive his attention? (Venus exalts Mars.)

An unpleasant lesson in psychic weakness, victimhood, and manipulation.

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