Simple healing with the elements

My dog, a Jack Russel terrier girl named Caj?, began to develp uncontrollable bouts of iching and scratching all over her body many, many times a day. For ten days it got worse and worse. We took her to the vet and nothing wrong was found with her.

The night before casting the chart neither Caj?, my wife nor myself could sleep because of all the scratching noise and the pain of seeing her in such discomfort. So, I decided I wanted to know whether she would recover from this spontaneously, or get worse, and whether we should look for another vet, or god knows what.

And I wanted to know what was wrong with her humorally. I was expecting to see heat or dryness or both in key places in the chart.

Let’s take a look.

Healing with the elements
Healing with the elements


Caj? is Mercury, the 6th ruler, located in Cancer. Her dispositor, the Moon, is in Capricorn. Here we have the main indicator of what is wrong with her: she primarily has too much coldness and dryness. The excess is severe since the Moon is late in the Zodiac.

Let’s anwer the first question before getting back to the humors.

Will she get better?

Mercury is very slow, corroborating that she is not in good shape, and it is turning retrograde. She will get worse if no intervention is applied. There is no spontaneous recovery indicated.

There is a second negative testimony: the Moon, who is the cause of her problems, opposes Mars’ antiscion and then opposes Mercury. That is she gets more of the same problem. Not good. Something must be changed.

The good thing: Capricorn is Cardinal. Great, if we find a way to balance her humors she will get better soon.

There is more.

The Moon, regardless of being the cause of the “dis-ease” here still is a secondary indicator of relevant data. Its last aspect shows further addition of the humoral quality of the planet it aspected. Here the Moon is separating from Saturn indicating further coldness and dryness in her system.

The Moon is currently opposing Mars by antiscion and Mars is in her house not too far from the cusp. A possible candidate: Mars rules her liver as it rules most of her house 5. And that is where Saturn is located ? more on Saturn below.

Time to do a context check:

What happened about ten days to two weeks ago that might have caused the problem?

The weather got hotter; and we changed her food.

What is the Moon? Her L2, her food. We have a clue. The Sun, a hot and dry planet sits right inside her second cusp. Some heat in her food is added by the Sun, and so is dryness added. Fortuna’s position further draws or attention to her house 2, and to Mars, who is conjunct it.

So, if food is the problem we have a combination of coldness, heat and dryness with dryness standing out.

At this point I just told my wife: her new food is too dry; let’s stop it immediately. We have a picture: dry food which her liver cannot process properly in such hot weather; the Moon separating from Saturn showing where the dryness manifests: her skin.

Icing on the cake: Mercury ruled by the Moon “hates” Saturn, her skin, so scratches away.

We replaced her food by giving her turkey (hot-moist) instead of beef (cold-dry) and removing hot vegetables such as carrots and garlic  and replacing it with cooling and/or moistening zuchinni, brocoli and celery. We also found out that the offending food had various chemicals in it. In less than two days all itching and scratching was gradually gone; and then completely gone! As the cardinal Moon potentially indicated ? if we intervened.

And remember that a well educated and trained veterinarian of many years did not know what to do about her condition. No wonder, without an accurate diagnostic method there’s very little chance of devising any effective treatment. And those treatments which are devised without proper diagnosis are hit and miss, and more miss than hit; or outright harming.



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