The Proclivity for Diabetes Type 1

What is diabetes type 1? It is an auto-immune disease where the immune system malfunctions and destroys the insulin-producing (Beta) cells in the Pancreas. People are born with this deficiency, although there can be a late onset of symptoms.

Let’s see two real life examples of how this can appear in a birth chart.


Saturn, the natural ruler of the immune system is conjunct Venus, the natural ruler of the Pancreas by antiscion. By reception Saturn is in Venus’ detriment. Translation: born with immune sytem harming Pancreas, in this case manifesting as diabetes type 1.


Jupiter, L6, sextiles Venus, the natural ruler of the Pancreas. By reception Jupiter is in Venus’ fall. Translation: born with illness that harms Pancreas, manifesting as diabetes type 1.

The Moon and the house 12 position suggests possible psychological/emotional factors in disease manifestation. I will elaborate on this in future articles.

Does that mean that everyone with an afflicted Venus will have diabetes type 1?

No. But the proclivity that the “Venusian” function be afflicted is there.

This is merely a study in symbology. It is rare or next to impossible that this type of stuff be predicted from a birth chart. If you want to predict anything use horary.

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