To own or to transport? What is the question?

The essence of house 3 is "transport".

Mail, FedEx, DHL, and UPS transport all kinds of goods and packages.

Email transports documents and data; so does the Internet, websites, online forums, and computer networks and their parts in general, including storage devices.

Documents in general, paper or digital, transport information or thoughts from one person or place to another.

Thus roads, pipelines, cables, rivers, fiber optics, integrated circuits, software, etc.

Any means of transportation including cars, ships, planes, and buses are also house 3. As long as the essence of the inquiry matches the essence of the house.

Example #1

Question: Will I miss the bus?

The questions behind the question are: Will I miss my transport? Will I be able to complete my journey? Will I go on that routine journey?

House 3.

The question is about the journey or transportation. By what means the journey or transport takes place is irrelevant. 

Example #2

Question: Should I buy this car?

The essence of the question is NOT “transport”, it is “possession”.

Therefore the car would be house 2, NOT house 3.

Example #3

The Suez Canal is blocked by a huge ship that ran aground.

Question: When will the ship be removed?

The question behind the question is: When will the normal operation of the canal resume? That is, when will the routine journeys or transport resume?

The canal and the ship are irrelevant. The question is about the journey or transport.

House 3.

Example #4

Question: Should we invade Egypt and take the Suez Canal from them?

The Suez Canal belongs to the Egyptian government, it is their House 4. The essence of the question is House 4, NOT house 3.

Answering questions about the possession of a ‘car’ using House 3 is not correct.

It is a mistake based on misunderstanding the essence of the question and ignoring the concept and practice of “essence analysis”.

That is acceptable among beginners but regrettably is very common among experienced astrologers, and teachers too.

In the body, besides the shoulder and arms, House 3 is the circulatory, and lymphatic systems. Transport.

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