When will I meet my soulmate?

The querent in this case is 50 year-old woman and she has just separated from a partner.

It was a relationship that wasn't very happy because her partner was very fearful, had unresolved trauma from his past and that upset their relationship, so they separated.

She feels disappointed because she’s been wanting to be in a long-term relationship for some time and this was a disappointment for her. She is wondering whether she’s ever going to meet her soulmate. She is longing for this ideal partner.

She’s also undergoing crisis in her professional life and creative life. She’s an artist and she’s been wanting to dedicate more time to her art, she’s going through that process right now. So she’s longing for a personal fulfillment, having a partner, a part of her plan, so we speak.

Let’s see what the chart says about her situation and how it answers her question.

relationship horary when will i meet my soulmate

The querent is the ruler of Libra, the sign on the ascendant, so she’s signified by Venus. Her potential soulmate is a partner, so the ruler of how seven in this case Mars, the ruler of Aries. 

Mars is in the sign of Venus. In practical terms it means that there will be man in her life that will be interested in her, that’s a good sign for meeting people. Venus is at 29 degrees of Virgo. That means it’s about to change signs. This is a major testimony in order to answer her question, because that means that there is an upcoming change in her life.

Before anything else, let’s see what has happened recently to her and see how it matches the context. Venus is separating from Jupiter’s antiscion. Jupiter is in the detriment of Venus and Venus is in the detriment of Jupiter. So that was a pretty unpleasant conjunction. 

Jupiter rules the 12th house from the 7th, which matches exactly her description of his or resolved trauma. So that upset her and was a negative experience for her. 

Venus is in triplicity and fall in the daytime chart in Virgo. She is moderately dignified, but mostly she is disappointed in herself, she is feeling down, she is in her fall and that’s stronger than triplicity.

So part of her state of mind is a state of worry, over concern, fear, and happiness. But it is unhappiness of the kind that’s largely created mentally, internally. 

This is the house of self-inducing, so it’s the house of self-inflicted suffering. This is obviously not physical, although she may be longing for physical contact. The suffering is mental-emotional. 

That’s going to change because she is at 29 degrees of that sign. When she changes signs, she is going to enter her own sign. So that shows a considerable improvement in the way she feels about herself. She is going to be happy with herself. That’s a good change. 

Does it mean she is going to meet her soulmate? We don’t know yet. Let’s see what else the chart shows.

The sun, the natural ruler of men in relationship charts, is in a close aspect with the ascendant and the seventh cusp. This describes her connection to a man. She is longing for a man in her life. The sun corroborates that by showing it in a close aspect to a meaningful house or to meaningful houses in this case. 

So Venus entering Libra will feel better. She is going to meet Saturn. That’s the first thing that will happen when she enters Libra. Not only that, but they are in mutual reception, she is going to be in her sign and in the exaltation of Saturn. Saturn is in her sign. So Saturn loves Venus and Venus of Saturn and they are going to meet. 

That’s quite remarkable! Have you seen a love horary with such positive testimony before? This is rare!…

But Saturn is not the ruler of house seven. That doesn’t show she is going to meet her soulmate. If she met Mars, that would be her soulmate. But it’s not Mars. So what’s going on here?

As you may remember from the context (we should), she is an artist. Despite being a very talented artist, in Virgo she is unhappy. So obviously she wants something more than the  things that she already has. She wants a man and a companion, partner. And she doesn’t have that and she feels upset. 

But that’s going to change. She’s going to feel better about herself. And at the same time she is going to meet Saturn. 

“But Saturn is a malefic!” 

No. Malefic is to follow books and rules without analyzing the context.

Here, Saturn is her creativity or her artistic expression. She gave that information to the astrologer when describing the context. So the astrologer uses it to interpret the chart. We do not need to make Saturn into a malefic here. There are places where we do, but not in this chart. She is an artist. And the ruler of house five is Saturn. 

So she is going to feel better and she is going to find her artistic expression. And that’s going to be a very positive experience in her life. 

Venus at 29 degrees of Virgo is in Mars’ term. That’s a very mild reception. So she wants Mars. But more than Mars, she is under the rulership of her house 12 ruler, Mercury. So she is just upset. 

And at the same time that she enters her own sign and meets Saturn, she enters the detriment of Mars. So at the same time that she feels better and starts feeling fulfilled in her artistic expression, she rejects Mars. 

And it doesn’t mean that she is not going to meet people after all Mars is here on her side. And they want to meet her. But basically what this configuration is saying is that as soon as this change happens in her life. the idea of meeting a soulmate becomes uninteresting. She is not into that anymore. 

And that was actually what happened. She started becoming much more active, artistically, obviously happy about it. And this idea of meeting soulmates just vanished for her. 

And she met several people over the years. She has become close to intimate with and enjoyed herself. But the ideal of meeting a soulmate became an non-issue for her. So in a way she found what she wanted in fulfillment and happiness. But not in the way she was thinking she was going to get it. It’s not through a soulmate in her case. It may be for other people, but not for her. That answers the question. 

For some extra information contained in the chart watch the video below where I go through the chart step by step in more detail.

Watch the video of this interpretation


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